Auto Parts Storage RFID Technology

- Nov 15, 2018-

The auto parts product warehouse includes the management links of items in and out, safety stocks, distribution, etc. If there is a problem in any link, the number of products will not correspond, and even more will affect the entire production. Therefore, the auto parts storage management is very important.

Due to the low degree of informationization of most auto parts manufacturers, the company's spare parts warehousing operations are not supported by effective information technology, and the work remains at the stage of manual management. For example, the implementation of product receipt, placement, inventory, distribution, reporting, etc. relies entirely on the experience and resilience of relevant management personnel, without the support of information technology, without specific quantitative standards, and with high randomness. In this form, the storage of auto parts does not integrate information well, and it is difficult to ensure efficient and orderly and sustainable operation of the warehouse.

The advanced WMS system is the key to realize the information management of auto parts warehouse. The WMS system can realize the refined management of warehouse goods in and out of the warehouse, improve the speed of warehouse operations, guarantee the timeliness of goods delivery, etc., help enterprises realize information management warehouse, and truly achieve cost reduction and efficiency for enterprises.

Auto Parts Storage WMS System Solution

1, refined management

The WMS system records in detail the different batch inventory information of each material of each cargo space. The auto parts warehouse staff can pick the correct materials according to the system instructions to the corresponding cargo space, which improves the work efficiency and reduces the wrong materials. Or batch phenomenon.

2. FIFO management

The WMS system provides a wealth of rules for configuring various operational rules. In the outbound section, the materials are picked up in strict accordance with the batch number first-in, first-out order. This not only ensures the rationality of the warehouse material inventory structure, but also provides effective data for the operation of other departments such as procurement and production.

3, intelligent inventory

The bar code technology is used to scan the auto parts, the data is transmitted back in real time, the inventory result table is generated, and the inventory difference table can also be generated. The inventory results are clear at a glance, ensuring that the bills are in conformity and reducing unnecessary losses.

4. Improve the efficiency of warehouse staff

WMS system's cargo position management, through the handheld terminal, you can directly see the cargo location information of the product, and have a suitable route selection, so that the staff can find the required accessories in a short time, and reduce the walking of the warehouse staff in the warehouse. distance.

In short, auto parts companies should deepen the profit space in the warehousing field, ensure that the supply of parts can meet the daily production needs, and greatly reduce the cost of parts storage, which is inseparable from the help of the WMS system.