Development And Application Of RFID Technology In The Field Of Security Identity Recognition

- Jul 24, 2018-

UHF RFID can simultaneously read the characteristics of near-field and far-field electronic tags. Due to the diversity of UHF RFID technology applications, in many operating environments, a single reader can more effectively meet the reading needs. For example, in large parking lots, large and small trucks, trucks, employees and visitor vehicles, etc., the security access control system must consider the needs and restrictions of all vehicles. UHF RFID has the advantage of far-field reading, which can meet the reading requirements of different high and low positions. For example, for applications with a large patrol range (such as university campuses or large hospitals), UHF RFID can also be read. The device is erected on the patrol car, and the patrol personnel sit in the car to directly read and verify the electronic tag data.

     UHF technology realizes the access control objectives of personnel and vehicles entering and exiting the card. When a person enters or exits the control area, he or she only needs to carry a proximity card and an indoor and outdoor access card. Not only can additional vehicle-specific card production costs be avoided, but vehicle and personnel access card management operations can also be integrated. UHF RFID technology is ideal for access control systems in communities, office buildings, industrial parks, hospitals or campuses

     In addition to fixed readers, UHF RFID security access control systems are often equipped with handheld or mobile RFID readers for property management applications such as campus or plant patrols. The near-field and far-field advantages of UHF RFID technology allow patrol personnel to hold and read electronic data directly from the front of the vehicle without having to be close to the vehicle glass.

     With the development of applications, HID Global is once again in the lead with the launch of HID Global's next-generation access control platform, a global leader in security identity. The iCLASS SE platform is highly adaptable and interoperable between systems, enabling customers to build an access control infrastructure that will meet the needs of the future, enabling their secure identity infrastructure to respond to future changes. At the same time, the platform enhances security while supporting exciting new technologies such as NFC smartphones, enabling applications such as mobile device-based access control, PC login, biometrics, public transportation, and customer loyalty programs.

    More importantly, the iCLASS + UHF + Prox smart card for the HID Global iCLASS SE platform supports a wide range of applications, from physical access control to medical applications and/or parking/gate control access. The UHF interface allows the user to verify the application or card reader from a farther distance than low frequency (LF) or high frequency (HF) radio frequency identification (RFID) technology. The iCLASS + UHF + Prox card provides versatile, secure, long-distance access control for demanding applications.