Electronic ID Card Officially Launched

- Jul 20, 2018-

The function of Alipay is getting stronger and stronger, and our life is getting more and more convenient. Now I don’t have to go out with my wallet, and I don’t need a bank card to withdraw money. Some daily living contributions, such as electricity, water, gas, etc., can be completed on Alipay. Even if we go out to take the bus, the subway does not need change or bus card, as long as a mobile phone can be fixed. It can be said that an Alipay can perform most of the operations in our daily life.

But this is not over yet. Recently, Ma Yun suddenly announced that Alipay has launched a heavyweight function. In addition to the bank card, we have the same thing that we often use when going out, and that is the ID card. Especially in today's increasingly strict laws, ID cards are an indispensable thing to go out, but it is a bit troublesome to carry out ID cards. It is not only easy to lose, but also easy to forget. If Alipay can also have ID cards. The function is just fine. Recently, Alipay suddenly announced that the electronic ID card was officially launched. Many netizens may ask, is the function of the electronic ID card not available last year? WeChat seems to be the first to eat crabs. Indeed, the concept of electronic identity cards was mentioned as early as last year, but the function is not as comprehensive as Alipay. Last year’s electronic ID card also played a role in identifying identity. It is unrealistic to take some electronic ID cards to handle some business. .

This time, Alipay electronic ID card is really capable of handling a lot of business. At present, Alipay electronic ID card has been piloted in 19 cities across the country. This Alipay electronic ID card can support the handling of a variety of businesses, such as handling the housing provident fund business, entering the hotel to buy train tickets and other services, so that many foreign affairs can handle the work, electronic ID cards can also handle. Six million people in the country have received their own electronic ID cards. Of course, the electronic ID card is still in its infancy in China, and its function and scope of use are far from being rich in real-life ID cards, but as Alipay executives say, with the continuous expansion of Alipay's functions, electronic ID cards will soon be available. Can completely replace the card ID card.

Maybe in the near future, we will say goodbye to the ID card! However, although the electronic ID card is very convenient, many netizens still expressed concern about its security. At present, the concept of electronic ID card has been recognized by the state, and the authorization for Alipay electronic ID card is also the Trusted Identity Certification Platform of the First Institute of the Ministry of Public Security. This platform is the unit for the issuance of our second-generation ID card. In addition, face recognition is required when handling electronic ID cards, even if the mobile phone loses an electronic ID card, it will not be lost. So there is no need to worry about security issues. Since Alipay has launched a more feature-rich electronic ID card, the WeChat e-ID card will also be updated. However, the relevant departments have indicated that they only choose Alipay because they are more experienced in security and do more. it is good. It seems that Alipay has a big advantage in terms of security compared with WeChat payment.