Fighting The Coronavirus

- Feb 25, 2020-

Since the outbreak of the new coronavirus in Wuhan, various smart products have been rapidly applied. In order to prevent the epidemic, various cities and communities have also been strictly prevented and controlled. Schools and universities have been postponed again and again. In the spread of SARS in each office, a special person is responsible for measuring and recording body temperature every day, especially in primary and secondary schools. It is required to measure at least two to three times a day to facilitate early detection of abnormal body temperature and early isolation and diagnosis. At present, body temperature has become one of the important criteria for screening in the initial symptoms of new-type coronavirus infection in Wuhan.

Traditional temperature measurement and temperature recording are not only tedious procedures, but also inaccurate recording. At present, the temperature detection errors are large (0.3 or 0.4 degrees), and the changes cannot be imaged. The disadvantages are prominent. With the development of technology, infrared thermometers and non-infrared infrared human thermal imaging High-tech and advanced temperature measurement technologies such as temperature measurement systems and 5G + thermal imaging human temperature measurement systems are used in major cities and institutions, especially the human body temperature measurement tags have the advantages of real-time monitoring, real-time uploading, and periodic report presentation. Widely respected.

As we all know RFID technology is a non-contact automatic identification technology, it uses radio frequency signals to achieve non-contact target identification through space coupling and can read and write related data. Because RFID technology has the advantages of low cost, fast speed, long recognition distance, and multiple targets can be identified at the same time, it is widely used in logistics management, transportation, medical and health, commodity anti-counterfeiting and other fields. If the sensor technology and RFID technology are combined and applied to the field of temperature measurement and collection, it will achieve a variety of functions such as sensor data collection, data transmission, target recognition, and so on.

At present, a wireless temperature monitoring system is designed and implemented. The system can realize functions such as wireless temperature measurement and normal reading and writing of tags. The temperature of the sensor is written into the tag in real time, and then the temperature recorded by the RFID chip is uploaded to a remote reader. Back-end system processing. The system transmits temperature monitoring data to the background in real time. After the data is uploaded and stored in real time, it forms a long-term effective temperature record report, which provides a true and effective digital basis for the monitoring of virus infected persons.

Kimeery, which currently has related technology applications for national technology invention patents and utility model patents, has developed two labels for measuring human temperature. One: Infant antipyretic temperature observation stickers. Role: During the fever (fever) of infants, it can help infants and children to physically reduce fever while observing the change curve of body temperature (instantly displayed on the monitor's mobile phone). When the body temperature rises above a certain height, it will issue a warning to the guardian information. Monitoring distance is 3 ~ 5 meters. Two: temperature observation stickers for school students. Function: It can test the student's body surface temperature from a long distance. The student does not need to wait for more than ten seconds during the test, and continuously records the body temperature change curve for a maximum of five days. The temperature of each student entering and exiting the school gate is measured through the entrance and exit of the campus without any sense, and transmitted to the management platform as data information. Provide specific information for effective communication between schools and parents.

The error of measuring the temperature tag of the human body is only 0.1 degree temperature. With the perfect RFID acquisition technology and the Internet of Things platform, the above data can be obtained through the mobile phone or the measuring device in the bedroom to the management platform. Real-time warning messages can also be issued to help caregivers deal with unexpected incidents immediately. With the development of science and technology, RFID, artificial intelligence and other technologies are widely used. This war without smoke is bound to end with victory, and the heroes will triumph!