- Oct 30, 2018-

RFID continues to show its potential for moving well beyond business applications and into everyday lifestyles. Recently we’ve blogged about RFID-enabled washing machines and wardrobes. Now, a team of researchers from the University of Dubai have invented the iPurse, an RFID-enabled device capable of tracking personal belongings like keys and laptops, even lipstick and glasses.

The RFID-enabled iPurse interacts with an NFC powered mobile phone.

A professor from the University of Wollongong in Dubai (UOWD) and two of his students invented the iPurse, which will ensure that you never lose your keys again, once they are slapped with an RFID tag. By interacting with NFC-enabled mobile phones, users have a constant update of where their items are.

“RFID is a very common thing but what’s unique about this project is that it’s more consumer-based and it’s an intelligent purse,” said Dr Mohammad Watfa, assistant professor in UOWD’s department of computer science, who built the iPurse with his students.

According to a press release issued by the University of Wollongong, the project is under patent and has already received interest from international companies seeking to commercialize the system.

Aside from helping to locate car keys or a lost necklace, the iPurse is designed to interact with your online calendar to program activities and the items you may need for the specific appointment. For example, a mobile phone could send a college student a message 15 minutes before a math class, reminding them to bring their math book. Can’t find the math book? The iPurse solves that problem too.

“If it’s cold and rainy outside and your calendar is connected to the weather center, it will check whether you have your scarf and umbrella in your purse,” said Watfa. “If you don’t, it will send a message reminding you to take those items.”

Watfa said that items can also be programmed by priority. “If it’s high then you will be reminded if it leaves your purse for five seconds or more. A low priority gives you some time like half-an-hour or one hour.”