How Does The Baggage Sorting Of The Airport Use RFID Technology?

- Apr 14, 2017-

1, on the check-in counter, the luggage is labeled with a bar code label.

2, after security, luggage was transported to the baggage handling system at the entrance.

This is the main basic process, but the problem came, the luggage into the sorting system, often because the bar code label is blocked or the angle of the reader is too large, resulting in not swept to the bar code, it leads to luggage retention. 

As a result, more and more airports began to use better than bar code recognition technology RFID radio frequency identification technology.

1, first in the check-in, the luggage will be tied to the same card as the white card RFID tags or replace the bar code tag inlay RFID tags.

2, in the system will use a Jietong technology UHF RFID reader and four antennas, forming a full 360-degree coverage.

3, this way, read and write equipment can be detected through the radio frequency signal to the electronic tag and get the information to the label.