How Far Is The New Retail Road In The Apparel Industry?

- Sep 26, 2018-

The Internet of Things has accelerated its application to various fields of economic and social development, and intelligent manufacturing, intelligent services, and intelligent society have arrived. Nowadays, smart technology has accelerated the penetration of people's food, drink, and clothing. The "wearing" economy has also ushered in the era of intelligent intelligence.

Many garment enterprises seized the opportunity and gradually established their own development ideas of “intelligence” and “intellectual creation”, vigorously promoted digitalization, informatization and intelligent construction, and made full use of the Internet, Internet of Things, big data, AR, AI and other technical means. The product design, supply chain, production, sales and internal management and other operational links have been comprehensively upgraded, "wisdom stores" have landed, and a new retail model has accelerated in the country. 

It can be said that the new "new wisdom", "automation" and "individualization" of new manufacturing and new technologies have become the engine for the transformation and upgrading of the current garment enterprises and the realization of intelligent operation.

When the consumer comes to the door of the store, first play the multi-player real-life game of “sweeping the face” on the big screen, win the store coupon and then enter the store; when you see the dazzling clothes, the consumers can’t start, “smart The fitting mirror "helps to pick up the clothes, massive fittings, recommend various combinations, and also build a member clothing archive; when the store is too small to display all the goods, the "cloud shelf" is solved in one fell swoop, and the simultaneous presentation is not placed. Massive merchandise, guests can taste a lot of new models at a glance, and scan the order with one click.

When the store feels that too many products are too annoying to manage, when the inventory and cash register are too slow, RFID and other electronic tags can be used to perform real-time traceable management of all the goods in the store, to quickly find goods, quickly receive goods, quickly count, and quickly. The cash register greatly enhances the efficiency of the store.

These fun and tech-savvy smart store scenes have long been a dream. These black technologies about smart stores have been applied to many well-known clothing brand chain stores, including Mark Huafei, La Chapelle, ZIPPO, Sofia, and Meikemei. This round of new retail outlets can be understood as a chorus of cloud computing, big data, mobile payment, RFID and VR, AI application scenarios.

With the acceleration of the new retail pace, the data-driven pan-retail style centered on the consumer experience is constantly emerging. Among them, the smart store is the main battlefield of the new retail. The function and role of the store is to digitize the store and rebuild the store. The connection between stores and consumers forms a new scene. The key is to stimulate consumption to drive domestic demand through “technology-driven, scene rise”.