How To Achieve The Ultimate Goal Of Retail Digitalization

- Feb 20, 2019-

Kimeery company developed all kind of RFID tags for this field.

Based on years of industry experience and continuous innovation of the company, Chinese developers have developed the Smart Business 4.0 open platform, with a comprehensive "general software, collusion of all hardware" and "plug and play" design philosophy. In various retail technologies, we will truly open up the management of people, goods, and the field, and promote the digitization of the retail industry.

The Smart Business 4.0 open platform consists of three core architectures: the Internet of Things infrastructure platform, the open platform for business intelligence and the application system. Supported by two technologies, the Internet of Things and the Internet, it collects data from retail operations, analyzes data, and uses artificial intelligence to assist decision making and quickly communicate and execute operational commands.

In the intelligent industry 4.0 open platform, the intelligent shelf subsystem can capture the behavior data of consumers before the shelves promote the goods in real time, and take the promotional shelves of alcohol products as an example. When the consumer picks up a bottle while in the bottle, you can see the corresponding alcohol promotion video on the shelf. The shelf also provides information about the origin and taste preferences of the wine; the anti-theft subsystem of the fitting room allows for anti-theft in the fitting room. On this basis, a large amount of consumer fit data can be collected. The Smarter Business 4.0 platform uses technology to better reach consumers and provide data support for business decisions.

At the same time, the Smart Business 4.0 open platform integrates the ESL electronic price tag subsystem to enable unified real-time management of store commodity prices. The promotion strategy can be released and executed in time, providing basic technical means for event marketing; EAS anti-theft alarm and video linkage subsystem can handle the alarm situation of the anti-theft system in real time, lock the suspect in the shortest time, and reduce the loss of the mall. In addition, as an intelligent, open, visual and coherent intelligent business management platform, the Smart Business 4.0 open platform also has multiple subsystem applications that help retailers manage various operations quickly and efficiently, ensuring management execution!

Chinese developers will continue to work hard to integrate intelligent business-aware terminal data collection, terminal information big data analysis, artificial intelligence-assisted decision-making and other applications to create an open ecosystem of commercial IoT applications, helping retailers achieve decision-making using the Smart Business 4.0 open platform for digitization. And implement efficient, unified and scientific management of the entire operation process.