Identification And Commercial Application Of Consumables Based On NFC Technology

- Jan 24, 2019-


Due to the considerable profit of the consumables accessories market, it has become the target of fraudulent scams. Counterfeit consumables accessories are everywhere. Infringement of consumers' rights and interests, it also ultimately affects the interests of enterprises, leading to lower consumer loyalty and disrupting the market structure.

To fight counterfeiting, we need a scientific approach. Recently, NXP demonstrated the NXP-based NFC chip-based consumables and accessory identification technology. When NFC-labeled consumables or accessories are loaded into the device, the NFC reader in the device can immediately identify its identity and identify the authenticity. .

In addition to anti-counterfeiting identification, the program can also manage the life cycle of consumables and accessories, such as recording the use of consumables or accessories, and promptly reminding when it needs to be replaced. As a result, significant value increases will be brought to device manufacturers and users.

Case 1 Practical application of water purifier

Identification and commercial application of consumables based on NFC technology

▲ filter anti-counterfeiting application mode

1. The reader is installed on the water purifier host.

2. The electronic tag is mounted on the water purifier filter.

3. When the filter element is replaced, the host reader/writer performs anti-counterfeiting verification on the filter element.

4, the filter identification is true, the water purifier works normally and records the working time of the filter element. According to the application market, the user is reminded to replace the filter element in time.

5, the filter is identified as false, the water purifier alarm, prompting the user to replace the genuine filter, to ensure the user's drinking water safety and water purifier work safety

As an ordinary consumer, an NFC mobile phone can be used to perform online verification of the filter element, thereby effectively protecting the rights of ordinary consumers.

Identification and commercial application of consumables based on NFC technology

▲ program application mode

One product, one core, one core and one core, completely eliminate fake and shoddy products

1. Using algorithm-based two-way authentication mechanism, one core and one secret, never read, ensuring that RFID tags cannot be cloned

2, no need to connect to the background database, easy to achieve off-line anti-counterfeiting identification, complete filter verification

3, the key to the security anti-counterfeiting program is in the hands of the user, even if the solution provider can not clone, reduce the risk of user application

Case 2 Practical application of printer toner cartridge management

Identification and commercial application of consumables based on NFC technology

1. The built-in RFID tag on the toner cartridge is written by the special card issuer;

2. Install an RFID card reader on a specific part of the printer. When replacing the toner cartridge, you can only use the RFID-enabled tag, otherwise the printer will not work properly.

3. The RFID tag has a unique UID and a large capacity user data area, and has an independent management key, which can trace the source of the item and correctly find a specific provider. When the product fails, it can also quickly seek after-sales service;

4. It can prevent suppliers or distributors in different regions from crossing each other;

5, can protect and maintain the product's good integrity brand effect.

Identification and commercial application of consumables based on NFC technology

In addition, in addition to anti-cloning, RFID anti-counterfeiting is more important to prevent RFID tags from being transferred to counterfeit goods. Innor's fragile anti-metastatic label technology has solved this difficult problem well. For the first time in the world, it adopts the technology of precision aluminum etching combined with printing silver paste, and independently develops the formula of high temperature resistant anti-transfer adhesive system; The characteristics of "tear and tear" have truly achieved the uniqueness of RFID anti-counterfeiting.