In The Future, Rely On Artificial Intelligence To Make Money?

- Jul 10, 2018-

In recent years, the clothing industry is facing many difficulties, a large number of clothing stores have been closed, the national brands Giordano, Li Ning, seven wolves, Jiu Mu Wang, Li Lang and so on have been involved in the "closed shop tide" vortex. But clothing, as the most basic material demand in human life, cannot disappear. What we see is nothing but the reshaping and iteration of the traditional clothing industry.

The current clothing brand positioning is more precise, according to the target audience, divided into men's wear, women's wear, baby and children's wear, etc.; at the same time, the degree of subdivision is more obvious in the types of clothing, including knitted sweaters, sportswear, denim, underwear, textiles, shoes Different categories; in terms of service methods, they are more concerned with meeting the needs of user differentiation and personalization.

At the same time, as the first year of “new retail” in 2017, the integration of online and offline has become a trend. The Internet is not only a tool for traditional enterprises, but also a way of thinking and thinking. It is worth noting that while we consider the high efficiency of online sales, we must not neglect the service experience, the types of goods, prices, shopping experience and payment convenience that consumers care about. After all, we are in a consumer-centric era.

To put it simply, to perfect the clothing brand in the new service field, we should first learn to integrate the demand points of the B and C terminals, and improve the C-side shopping efficiency and meet the needs of the sub-scenarios while helping the B-side to improve the return on investment. How to effectively meet the needs of both ends of B and C, we found that the artificial intelligence of the current fire may be applied to the apparel field, and the success rate will be higher.

We can optimize the online shopping experience of consumers through virtual fitting, and at the same time, through the browsing data of consumers, we can make a strong guarantee for the next stage of accurate marketing and analysis of user portraits;

Through big data + AI algorithm, clothing selection and recommendation, allowing consumers to intelligently purchase, use RFID, self-purchase, optimize inventory management, etc.;

In the future, there will be service robots, which will more accurately provide consumers with a series of intelligent shopping guides to enhance the consumer shopping experience. In the store operation management, artificial intelligence can also create smart shelves through image recognition and enhance store operation management. Efficiency and so on.

At the same time, with the hot market of smart wearable products at home and abroad, smart elements are increasingly sought after by consumers, and smart clothing is also a major trend in the future development of the apparel industry.

We can see that although the traditional clothing industry is facing bottlenecks in development, as long as we actively embrace technology, learn to take advantage of the situation, adapt to the new situation, adapt to the market trend, and lead new demands, we can explore new development paths from the changes.