India Plans To Introduce RFID Technology At Border Checkpoints

- Jun 21, 2018-

The Indian Transport Authority and the Maharashtra Development Corporation (MSRDC) plan to introduce RFID technology at border checkpoints in the region.

In addition to distributing RFID tags to trucks, tankers, and trailers, vehicle data is also stored in the system. These data include vehicle registration numbers, license plate numbers, expiration dates, tax details, etc. A truck with an RFID sticker passes through a metal frame detector and all details of the car are presented on the terminal computer.

This configuration brings two major benefits. The first is to eliminate the long queues and reduce waiting time. The second is to limit the corruption of officials of the Railway Transport Office (RTO).

An RTO official said: “When the vehicle passes the metal frame detector, the computer will read the data stored on the RFID sticker in a few seconds for use. Unless the vehicle is not taxed or overloaded, it can be successfully passed.” The Transport Bureau is working with MSRDC to implement the plan.

State Department of Transportation Commissioner VN More said: "There is no breeding ground for corruption. All the information will be digitized and the vehicle's information will be recorded." The plan will be first in Gujarat and Maharashtra. Interim checkpoints are implemented and will subsequently be implemented in other parts of the country.

A transportation alliance welcomed the system, saying that this will make the data more visible. “Moreover, they can also use RFID technology for electronic payment in the future. Not only that, but it also helps us save time, energy and fuel at checkpoints.”