Is The Car Locked Safe?

- Sep 25, 2018-

The most concern for the owner is whether the car can be truly anti-theft;

First of all, to understand whether the car is safe, but also from the car's anti-theft principle, car anti-theft from the previous pure mechanical upgrade to electronic anti-theft, most of the anti-theft system currently on the market consists of car electronic anti-theft system, the principle of the following diagram :

The ignition switch is equivalent to the key insertion hole we saw. When the key is inserted, the chip and the coil inside the key are successfully paired by a key to start the system control module, and then the release machine is started. Generally, one lock core is equipped with 1 to 2 keys;

At present, the popular one-key start keyless entry system on the market, the anti-theft principle is consistent with the plug-in type, but the implementation is smart. When the distance is about 1 to 2 meters, the key is matched with the one-button start control system, and the door is opened by pressing a button. Start the switch to start the car;

At present, most of the keyless entry control technologies are RKE and PKE. The basic implementation principle is RFID. The RFID is divided into three parts: A. The electronic label is equivalent to the key, and the B. reader is equivalent to the door handle receiving antenna. The central data processing system is equivalent to the chip CPU. At present, the popular data encryption algorithm in China is AES128;

Introduction to this should be very clear, there are several ways to pose a threat to car safety, 1. crack the electronic tag, 2. read the pairing data, 3. rewrite the CPU and the key; the above points suggest not to mess the keys Throw, the vehicle can not be borrowed.