Medicine Cold Chain Traceability Monitoring System

- May 01, 2018-

First, solve the problem

At present, traditional cold chain monitoring methods are based on monitoring the ambient temperature. It is difficult to establish an effective link between the monitoring point and the tested vaccine. Therefore, a series of vaccine problems have been exposed in recent years, all of which are caused by the disconnection of the cold chain and the loss of supervision due to supervision. On April 23, 2016, Premier Li Keqiang signed State Council Decree No. 668, which passed the State Council's decision to amend the Regulations on the Administration of Vaccine Circulation and Vaccination. Article 3 of the decision clearly states that the whole process of vaccine storage and transportation should always be in the specified temperature environment, and must not be separated from the cold chain, and the temperature should be monitored and recorded in real time, and the production, storage and transportation of the vaccine's smallest packaging unit must be explicitly proposed. The whole process is traceable. The existing active temperature monitoring equipment can not meet the real-time monitoring of the minimum packaging, and the high equipment cost greatly limits its implementation and promotion.

Second, characteristics

- Real-time temperature monitoring of vaccines and timely warning

- Supervised minimum packaging units, batch management

- Cloud storage full lifecycle data, real-time temperature monitoring, full traceability

- Passive electronic temperature measurement label, safe and reliable

- Integrated NB-IOT, GPS, communication module, real-time data transmission

- Support full geographic information query