Millet Bracelet 3 Has Passed Bluetooth Authentication And Will Support NFC Payment Function

- Mar 30, 2018-

Millet Bracelet 3 With Nfc.png

Relying on the millet bracelet's first-generation and second-generation cost-effective strategies, the millet bracelet has achieved an amazing sales volume in the domestic smart wearable market with shipments in the tens of millions. However, since the launch of the Millet Bracelet 2 on June 2, 2016, Xiaomi has not released a new generation of products so far, which has made rice flour a little anxious. reported recently that Millet Bracelet 3 has passed Bluetooth authentication and the device supports Bluetooth 4.2.

Millet Bracelet 3 has passed Bluetooth authentication and will support NFC payment function!

However, the authentication page does not give too much useful information. Its appearance, configuration, and features are all fascination. It seems that if you want to learn more, you have to wait for the official release date.

We know that Xiaomi’s mobile phone already supports the function of brushing buses in many cities.

So one of the highlights of the millet bracelet 3 may be: NFC bus payment, support more cities. In other words, in the future, as long as there is a card or bracelet with a traffic joint, it will be able to pass through the country (the gate that supports the traffic agreement).

Another function point of NFC is bank card payment, which is characterized by the adoption of cloud card issuing technology. If the NFC traffic payment function works perfectly, then this cloud card is not a problem.

Another is NFC access control, but the premise is to write to the property or access control management (property may not help you write).

In fact, Huami Technology, which is responsible for the Xiaomi bracelet, launched a payment-type wristband as early as last year. However, the opening of the testing area is limited, and it can be seen as a test for the small bracelet 3 .

According to the current news, the current release of this bracelet is most likely to be officially announced in April this year. Since there is no new opportunity for this year's rice flour festival, it is very likely that the millet bracelet will Officially released online at this time. If it is really out of the NFC function, Xiaobian may also buy and buy fresh, of course, is in the case of cost-effective.