NCR Corporation Announces Barcode Scanning Products For Retail In China

- Jun 22, 2018-

NCR is the world's leading provider of automatic identification bar code scanning technology, providing a full range of handheld, dual mode and fixed scanning platforms. Its advanced product design can reduce training time while improving scan accuracy and speed. The NCR RealPOSTM scanning platform is highly flexible and suitable for almost all checkouts, stores, spaces and budgets.

In 2008, NCR launched the NCR ReaPOS 74 compact dual-window scanning platform and the NCR RealPOS 84 single-window scanning platform in China, further expanding the product family of scanning platforms. Compared with other competitive products, these two scanning platforms can scan 40% more scanning line distance per second and can read almost all barcodes, especially for unclear, dirty or undersize barcodes. Strong reading ability. In addition, these NCR scanning platforms all have USB peripheral interfaces, which can quickly and easily connect the USB handheld scanning platform and use the U disk to easily update and upgrade the scanning platform software.

Mr. Chen Lukuan, General Manager of NCR Commercial Retail/Hotel Catering Industry in Greater China, said: “This is an important step for NCR Retail to build a complete channel architecture system in China, which greatly enhances NCR retail barcode scanning products across the country.” Retailer's sales and service capabilities. NCR will use Dazhen Barcode and Tianchuang Cinda's powerful sales and service network to better provide our scanning products and solutions to retailers across the country, helping them transform business models and provide consumers with more convenience. Fast service. ”

As a century-old enterprise in the retail industry, NCR is known for its continuous technological innovation and product updates, its numerous inventions and patents in the retail industry, and its consistently outstanding performance. We hope that through in-depth cooperation with NCR, we can better provide customers with innovative solutions to help retailers improve efficiency, enhance their competitiveness, and ultimately increase the level of automation in the domestic retail industry. ”

When members of my team and I started working in the retail automation industry more than a decade ago, the companies we served were already acting for NCR's point-of-sale (POS) and barcode scanning products. We are very excited to be a strategic partner of NCR. We will vigorously promote NCR barcode scanning products and solutions, and introduce the latest NCR products and concepts into the Chinese market to promote the development of China's retail industry. ”

As early as 1887, NCR's business had entered China and provided cash registers for the Chinese market. Today, the company not only provides a full range of retail store automation solutions, but also provides self-service and auxiliary service solutions for financial, tourism, medical and other institutions. NCR continues to help China's retail industry increase its competitiveness with its industry-leading products, technologies and ideas. NCR leads the world in new ways of interacting and helping consumers and businesses to connect, interact and trade in a revolutionary manner.