No Sense Of Payment Is Coming. Is Wisdom Far Behind

- Apr 02, 2018-

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In recent days, the term "senseless payment" has frequently appeared in major media. With the launch of AliPay's "license plate payment" and WeChat "high-speed e-line" functions, "senseless payment" technology has attracted the attention of major industry sectors, and smart life seems to have taken a step closer to us.

Recently, the latest trends in Alipay and WeChat, and the continuous warming up of the concept of “non-incentive payment” in the A-share market have caused many people inside and outside the company to shift their attention to “senseless payment”.

What is "senseless payment"?

Taking the high-speed “non-inductive” payment function of Alipay and WeChat on the line as an example, the owner of the vehicle does not need cash or mobile phones when he passes the toll station. When the camera recognizes the license plate, it will automatically bind the Alipay or WeChat wallet from the owner. Deduct related costs. In this process, the owner can realize “no sense of payment”, and the vehicle passing time is greatly saved than before. Not only is the technology feeling full, but the user experience will also be improved.

Previous media reports said that "Tianyu Information and Alipay, Tencent cooperate on the technical level, there are a variety of forms of product support 'senseless payment'", but Tianyu information indicates that the company currently has no so-called "senseless payment" outside the company. Related products, as for subsequent development did not explain.

When we were still immersed in the thrill of a mobile phone, the mobile payment experience was upgraded again.

In fact, AliPay's "license plate payment" and WeChat's "high-speed e-line" is not the first case of non-inductive payment technology application. In September 2017, Shenzhen Airport has become the first airport in China to achieve UnionPay "senseless payment" parking fees. .

Although the non-incentive payment technology has not yet been applied on a large scale, it is only a matter of time from the perspective of the current speed of mobile payment development.

Now, WeChat Payment and Alipay have become household names, and related technologies occupy a pivotal position in various application areas, such as biometrics and mobile payments.

Parking Lot: Smart Parking

With the explosive growth of motor vehicle ownership in China, parking has become a common common problem in cities.

Maybe you go out for dinner with your friends. It takes only half an hour to eat a meal, but it takes more than half an hour to find a parking space. This kind of situation is commonplace in the bustling areas of big cities.

However, with the rapid development of sensors, big data, cloud computing, etc., parking has also embarked on an intelligent road to avoid the occurrence of many such embarrassing situations. For example, at present, a large number of indoor parking lots in Shanghai no longer require manual charges, and automatic identification of license plates is deducted. In Hangzhou, even street parking has become a reality.

Hospital: Smart Healthcare

In addition to difficulty in parking, the difficulty in seeing a doctor is also a major challenge faced by modern people. It is also an area where mobile payment is already involved.

Through the combination of online and offline, to open up data barriers, smart medical emerged. At present, like Alipay Smart Healthcare, not only can the patient provide intelligent services such as Alipay registration and waiting for reminders, but patients can also pay medical expenses through Alipay and receive electronic reports.

At the same time, some hospitals support Alipay navigation and easily solve the problem that the consultation process cannot be effectively directed.

Bank: Swipe face withdrawals

In an age of mobile payments, it has become commonplace to leave without a wallet. What should we do when we are going to the bank to deposit and withdraw money?

In this regard, you do not have to worry about without a mobile phone. At present, China Merchants Bank, China Construction Bank, Jiangsu Bank, and the Agricultural Bank of China can all directly withdraw funds from their faces.

In the process, not only does it not need an ID card, it also does not need a bank card. Just follow the prompts and the money will spit on itself. And many people in the industry said that compared to the traditional method of deposit and withdrawal, brush face payment is more secure and will be promoted to more outlets in the future.

Supermarket: unsupervised supermarket

At present, the new retail concept has become very popular, whether it is unsupervised supermarkets, unmanned convenience stores, or vending machines, which has attracted many investors.

From last year’s Amazon’s go to Alibaba’s Amoy coffee, more and more incoming players are constantly rushing to “unmanned retail” and giving consumers a different shopping experience.

Enter the store, select the item and enter the settlement area. The electronic device will automatically identify the product. The customer only needs to “sweep the face” to complete the payment and then can leave something. At present, such unsupervised supermarkets have risen in many places across the country, attracting many customers with their freshness. However, at present, this mode of operation of new retail is not yet mature, and the follow-up development has yet to be enhanced by technology and management.

As more and more intelligent scenes merge into life, we will usher in a new era of intelligence.