Northern Bar Code Printer Installation And Commissioning

- Apr 14, 2017-

One, loading paper

Second, with the ribbon

Three, Beiyang label printer jump tag, alarm three times (missing paper) should be how to deal with?

Fourth, the North bar code printer driver how to set the page

5, Beiyang bar code printer how to use USB to the parallel line in the BYLabel software to print?

Six, Beiyang bar code printer how to print in the Bylabel tail jewelry label?

Seven, Beiyang bar code printer in the BYLabel print alarm "error with the printer communication"?

8, Beiyang universal label printer how to restore the default EEPROM parameter settings?

Nine, Beiyang bar code printer to install the printer driver when prompted "126" error

Ten, Beiyang bar code printer in Bylabel how to achieve remote sharing printing?

11, USB interface installation.

Twelve, can not find the USB driver.

Thirteen, about clarity is inconsistent.