Operating Room Intelligent Dressing System Solution

- Jul 12, 2018-

With the continuous improvement of the operating room requirements, the construction of a high-level, cleaner intelligent operating room dressing system has become one of the key points in the development and construction. The construction layout and clothing management of the operating room require aseptic design. Expanding the new mode of operating room management, fully applying electronic intelligent equipment to the daily work of the operating room, improving the operating efficiency and management efficiency of the operating room, and realizing the transition from the traditional management mode to the modernization and scientificization. It has become the application of hospital operating room. The new direction of information management means management.

Problems with the traditional model:

1. In the operating room, hospital, etc. that race against time, the time course for changing clothes needs to be more efficient, concise, and faster. At present, many hospital staff have delayed too much time because of the cumbersome dressing process.

2. Manually managing the operating room to change the clothes process also often occurs when items are lost, items are not returned in time, items are taken, etc., and there is no basis to query, practical efficiency is low

3. The traditional key locker is prone to key loss, etc.

Zhilai technology operating room intelligent locker system: using electronic computer technology, information technology, RFID and other technologies, biometric technology to achieve information registration of operating room personnel, classification of personnel rights, operating room clothing distribution and return, to achieve smart dressing shoes Cabinets - smart hairdressing shoe cabinets - back-end data (servers) - operating room - streamlined and efficient operation between surgeons.


The whole process plan includes smart hair wardrobe, smart dressing room, smart locker, smart recycling wardrobe, intelligent disinfection shoe cabinet, laundry shoe terminal, etc. It is equipped with Zhilai's unique pawl electric lock, which is more convenient and safe to access. .

1. Smart storage wardrobe: Medical staff through the authorization of authorized IC card, ID card, face recognition, fingerprint switch cabinet door, form a binding relationship with the cabinet, and record user information, access operations, time information, use card number , all operation records, etc.; the administrator can verify the identity through the electronic key to enter the management interface, to achieve operations such as unpacking, lock box, clearing box, etc., through the remote network, cabinet monitoring, data statistics and other management, the cabinet is abnormal Wait

2. Intelligent recycling unit: The medical staff puts the surgical gown into the recycling bin, the system will automatically identify the identity of the person, automatically record the clothing return information, and transfer the information back to the system. When the number of dirty clothes in the recycling bin exceeds the set value, the recycling bin A message will pop up on the screen to let the staff clean up in time;

3. Intelligent clothing unit: Medical staff on the self-service clothing equipment, according to IC card, fingerprint and other identity information to choose the size of the medium size and small size clothing, the system automatically review and release surgery according to the day of surgery scheduling Clothing, when the number of clothes in the machine is too low, the screen will pop up a reminder to let the staff add clothing.

       Application effect

The system has been put on the operating room of some hospitals and the effect is good.

1. Optimize the operation room process, intelligent management, and realize the refined management system. By adopting the combination of RFID technology and IC card, optimize the operation and management process of the operator, and implement the access control and the intelligent distribution of the electronic clothes and shoes. , automatic transmission and reception of surgical gowns, traces of personnel, surgical supplies warehouse and pathology specimens in and out management, personnel attendance, dining and other aspects of overall management, further improve the operating room safety management, effective control of surgical infections, control of medical personnel behavior norms Improve the management level and service level of the hospital operating room.

2. Intelligent surgical gown management, standardizing medical behavior using RFID technology with non-contact, fast scanning, high recognition efficiency, not easy to damage, good security encryption performance, unique label, tracking and positioning, etc. In the clothing, the realization of intelligent distribution, recovery of surgical gowns, changing the traditional manual dispensing mode of the hospital, greatly improved the current use of existing surgical gowns. Real-time public supervision of irregular behaviors, intelligent management of operating room cleanliness requirements.

3. Control of key links to achieve safety management The entire system is based on the access control system and sets node control for each important control link. When entering an important location such as a sterile surgical field, a pathological specimen, or a surgical consumable warehouse, the access control system authenticates the identity and permissions by sensing the RFID surgical gown or IC card, controls the access control switch, and automates the entire operating room workflow. Turn.

4. Improve management efficiency and save cost. Through the attendance statistics of the access control data, the punctuality rate of the operation is improved. Sweeping the card to check the operation schedule can quickly guide the operation staff to prepare for the operation; Control operating room costs. Through information control, the support staff and their labor intensity are reduced, and the labor cost is effectively reduced. The application of high-tech intelligent equipment to the operating room is a leap and breakthrough in management philosophy.

Through the implementation of the effect, after using the system, compared with the traditional operating room, the operating room of the operating room is optimized, the working efficiency of the medical staff is improved, the cleanliness of the operating room is effectively controlled, and the management of the operating room is more standardized and fine. At the same time, it effectively reduces the operating room management cost, and plays an important role in controlling surgical infection and improving the quality of surgery.