RFID And Transportation System

- Nov 20, 2018-

Intelligent transportation is the development direction of the future transportation system. The emergence of intelligent transportation can improve the management level and operational efficiency of the urban transportation system. Provide travellers with comprehensive traffic information services and convenient, efficient, fast, comfortable, economical, safe, human, intelligent and ecological transportation services; provide timely, accurate, comprehensive and sufficient information for traffic management departments and related enterprises. Support and informational decision support.

The RFID system is an automatic identification technology that uses inductive, radio wave or microwave energy for non-contact two-way communication to achieve the purpose of identifying and exchanging data. It automatically identifies the target object and acquires relevant data through the RF signal, and the identification work does not require manual intervention. Nowadays, the application of RFID has been quite extensive, such as personnel access control monitoring, recyclable asset management, cargo management of logistics and transportation, non-stop charging, bus smart card and so on.


Through the technologies of RFID and sensing, the intelligent public transport can know the location of the bus in real time and realize the functions of cornering and route reminding. At the same time, it is also possible to combine the operation characteristics of the public transportation and plan and dispatch the lines and vehicles through the intelligent dispatching system to realize intelligent scheduling.

electric bicycle

The use of RFID technology to strengthen the management of urban electric bicycles, to achieve the functions of electric vehicles on the card, monitoring, anti-theft, insurance claims, etc., in order to achieve the purpose of urban electric vehicle traffic management and car owners' interests.

Smart parking, no sense of charge

In the future, vehicles that install ETC equipment will not have to stop to pick up cards, swipe their cards or pay cash when they enter or leave the parking lot. The problem of “difficult parking and slow payment” will be alleviated. This means that in the future, ETC will allow you to get out of the parking lot, get a highway, and extend the payment scenario.

Car networking

Using advanced sensors, RFID and cameras, you can collect the environment around the vehicle and the vehicle's own information, and transmit the data to the on-board system to achieve real-time monitoring of vehicle operating conditions, including fuel consumption, vehicle speed, tire pressure, tire temperature, etc. .

Safeguarding car safety

The RFID electronic technology based on RFID technology has formed a complete safety system for anti-cloning, anti-counterfeiting, anti-tampering and anti-illegal reading, ensuring the unique correspondence between motor vehicles and automobile electronic identification. It can be widely used in vehicle-related public security management applications such as looting vehicles, fake decks and other illegal vehicles such as inspection and control, vehicle trajectory tracking and backtracking, and regional traffic dynamic control. Improve vehicle screening capabilities to more accurately combat all types of illegal activities involving vehicles.

Optimize car management

The automotive electronic identification of RFID technology can realize the management of the qualification of operating vehicles such as urban taxis, the priority management of public transportation signals, and the electronic inspection of various expenses such as road and bridge fees. By reading the vehicle use information stored in the electronic sign of the car, the traffic supervision department can implement targeted traffic operation management for vehicles of different purposes such as buses, school buses, and operating vehicles. At the same time, the automotive electronic identification system based on RFID technology can accurately check the vehicle payment information, realize the electronic collection of the vehicle-related expenses, and improve the collection rate of various types of vehicle-related expenses.

Environmental monitoring

The RFID-based automotive electronic identification system can monitor the vehicle yellow-green label information and vehicle exhaust emissions in real time and accurately, realize the electronic management of vehicle environmental yellow-green label information, vehicle exhaust emission monitoring, and over-standard vehicle area limit supervision.

At home, relevant government departments have fully recognized the importance of RFID technology and have given strong support to the industry. It is believed that in the future, with the rapid development of China's Internet of Things technology, the application prospect of RFID technology will be more extensive, and its role in urban transportation will be more important.