RFID Application In Clothes

- Jan 10, 2018-

The new clothes to buy a thick label

The public Ms. Wang bought a Shanghai brand of women's clothing online. "There are so many labels on clothes. Apart from introducing labels on clothes and textures, there is a more rigid label." Although I do not know what the label is, Ms. Wang feels she has to be scared and shears the label. Later, she purchased the brand label, and the label has a symbol like "crooked hair". She began to wonder, there is a signal label?

Later, after understanding, originally from last year the brand's apparel have added "electronic tag", you can conduct wireless communications, you can also read the whereabouts of the clothes. "When I knew this, I cut the label every time I bought it, otherwise I was not known by the merchants every day. Think about it a bit scared."

This reporter has learned that Miss Wang said the more rigid label, is the latest application in the apparel industry, the label which has a chip, so the texture is too rigid. This label in the industry is the term "RFID" (Radio Frequency Identification referred to), using a non-contact automatic identification technology, also known as electronic tags. It can automatically identify the target object and obtain relevant data through radio frequency signal without the staff member's operation. According to reports, the technology began to be widely used in the medical, aerospace, retail and library management areas, the last year or two into the apparel industry.


Women's brand introduction of electronic tags

Reporters found in the interview, from last year, many brands of clothing introduced the technology.

Recently, local women's brand Yin Man Guangzhou also introduced the technology from an information company, which is also the first in Guangzhou to introduce the technology business. The business told reporters that the electronic tag is a business cooperation with Xiamen, from August this year, will be applied to its main women's branded products.

According to its introduction, adding clothes in the electronic tag, the clothes from the production to the customer's track, will be able to record all the data. Starting in August this year, the company will implant in each new product than the rice is also small, unreadable RFID chips, each piece of clothing corresponds to a unique code. The number of times a customer picks up a piece of clothing at the brand's experience store, how many times in and out of the fitting room, can be tracked. At the same time, customers pick up clothes into the fitting area, the background equipment can also read the clothes on the chip information, but also on the screen display clothes related pictures, as well as online baby description, buyer reviews and other details, Customers can call Purchasing Guide through the screen. In addition, how many times the clothes were tried on, the last where can be tracked.

It is understood that at present Heilan House, La Chapelle, etc. have begun to use RFID technology, but still in exploration.


Will it expose privacy? Is there radiation?

Tagging can be a great way for businesses to get big data for sale and make it easier for businesses to do business, but there are still many questions for consumers.

Ms. Wang, a citizen, said she was concerned about revealing her whereabouts without her knowledge since she learned about the label's features. Mr. Lin, who is engaged in Internet education, said he heard for the first time that clothes labels had this function. "Many brands in the closet were installed with radio 'tracking' technology." Mr. Lin said he is more worried about the radiation. "Now that the proliferation of electronic products, radiation is even more arduous. After all, it is a signal that can send and receive data. Is there radiation?"

Reporters linked to a company specializing in the production of RFID technology electronic tags - Kimeery Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd.. The company official told reporters that the company and a number of garment enterprises in the production of electronic labels. According to its introduction, in the electronic label before the failure, through a dedicated reader device can collect clothing information, including clothes from production to sales of the logistics track, a section of clothing customers remove the number from the display, try rate, turnover rate, etc., It is convenient for brands to do data analysis and provide decision-making basis for design, production and marketing. "After the clothes are sold, consumers generally cut the label of the wash label before wearing it. On the other hand, even if the label is not removed by the consumer, the label will fail after being washed many times. Consumers do not have to Fear will always be 'tracked' for privacy leaks. "

As for radiation, he said that the clothing uses passive passive RFID tags, no battery, no active signal and no radiation when not in operation.

According to reports, the cost of an electronic tag only a few cents, will not increase consumer purchase costs.

Quality Supervision Department: Emerging electronic tags no standard norms

As a label of clothing, logo of the regulatory authorities, the relevant person in charge of Guangdong Provincial Bureau of Quality Supervision, said China's apparel labels have a relatively complete set of rules and standards, and electronic tags belong to the emerging categories, for now, the use of businesses than less. At present, there is no standard for electronic label countries.

For the people concerned about the radiation problem, the quality supervision department will conduct joint relevant departments for radiation tests. Involving businesses to collect data of the function of big data, quality supervision departments said they will cooperate with the information management department to regulate.

Lawyer: advise customers to dismantle to avoid disclosure of privacy

Business in the use of electronic tags on clothes, and can play a role in tracking, this is a violation of the rights of consumers? Guangzhou lawyer Liao Jianxun that businesses provide products to ensure that consumers of personal and property safety, including consumer privacy And personal information is not leaked. Therefore, the business in the process of using electronic tags, first of all to ensure that consumers will not be exposed privacy, in addition, the best business to do to remind the obligation, for example, on the label, to remind consumers to buy, it is best to label cut Off, so as to eliminate possible hidden dangers.

Expert: RFID applications will become a trend

Professor Wang Xianqing, director of the Institute of Circulation Economics of Guangdong University of Finance and Economics, believes that the application of electronic labels will be more and more widely within the range of daily necessities. This will facilitate the tracking of industrial products from the source to the end and will make it more convenient and convenient for the whole process of product-related issues. For businesses, you can also be more familiar with the tastes of consumers, thereby producing more suitable products. He believes that with the development of the Internet and economy, such applications will become more and more common and beneficial to the development of the whole society.

For consumer concerns, he believes that in the era of Internet big data, the information is more and more transparent. "It's superfluous to worry about privacy being leaked after putting on a piece of clothing with an electronic tag, relative to other privacy."

However, he also said that the current application of electronic tags is still in the groping phase, and the standardization should be strengthened later. At the same time of technological improvement, businesses should consider such issues as professional and technical recycling