RFID Bank Cash Flow Electronic Identification System Solution

- May 29, 2018-

System introduction

With the rapid development of the national economy, the scale of banking operations has continued to expand, and business outlets have increased. A large number of cash boxes containing cash, bills, and seals are frequently stored and transferred between the treasury and bank outlets on a daily basis.

● At the bank vault side, the hand-in and cash-out management of the cash box still uses traditional manual operations, which is not only labor-intensive and inefficient. At the same time, because the cash box is simply registered in the vault, it has not been checked in detail to check the cash box such as the number and outlet. Names, time of entry and exit, and other elements of information, the cash box is difficult to distinguish between the authenticity and the existence of serious security holes.

● In the process of circulation, the transfer of registration information between the main cashier and the submitter, the escalator and the manager of the bank cannot be shared, and there is no linkage control mechanism among the three parties. It is easy for the cash box to be misled, missed, and transferred.

● In terms of bank management, since the status of all cash drawers cannot be monitored in real time, security management blind spots are extremely prone to occur, and it is even more difficult to direct the safe and scientific circulation of cash drawers in a unified management platform.

How to realize the intensive, automated, scientific, and meticulous management of bank cashboxes, ensure that cashboxes are quickly and accurately stored in the unified management platform, and correctly register handovers to avoid mistakes, misses, and package adjustments; The real-time monitoring of the status of the cash box and the avoidance of blind spots are of great significance in ensuring the safety and scientific circulation of the bank's cash box. It is also an issue that banks urgently need to solve in rapid development.

Construction function

The long-distance identification RFID electronic label is installed on the cash box, and the recording process of the transfer of the cash box to the vault and the bank outlet is automatically recorded through the identification of the electronic label.

The cash box enters and exits the vault door and uses a small cart. Through the use of a door-type radio frequency reader, a dozens of cash boxes can be accurately and quickly identified. The system writes data into the VCTS.

When the cash box is delivered to the business outlets for handover, the handy radio frequency reader is used to record the incoming and outgoing information of the bags. The cash box tag information collection operation is simple and the information is reported quickly and promptly.

System advantage

1. Realized the intensive, real-time and automation of bank cashbox management, and docked with the bank's existing vault management system platform, effectively improving the bank's refined management level.

2. At the vault side, through the application of the system, the cash box was quickly and accurately stored in the warehouse, which completely changed the traditional manual operation mode of the vault, shortened the time of entering and leaving the warehouse, greatly improved the work efficiency and accuracy, and avoided The security risk that the cash box is difficult to discern.

3, at the business network point, through the hand-held scanning gun to read the cash box electronic tag information to the bank vault management system platform, you can effectively avoid the risk of mistaking the money box, missed.

4. The bank's ability to monitor the state of the cash box is improved. The bank can know in real time the status information of the cash box in the vault, escort transit, and business outlets through the background of the system. Avoid the blindness of the cash box supervision caused by information feedback and the great risks it poses.

In short, the implementation and application of this system has great practical significance for all aspects of bank deposit and withdrawal management, real-time status supervision, and avoidance of work mistakes in the circulation process, and has been consistently implemented by banks that apply the system. The affirmation and praise.