RFID Jewelry Management Solutions

- Jun 15, 2018-

With the rapid development and application of RFID technology, the RFID electronic and information management of jewelry is an important means to strengthen inventory management, sales management, and improve management efficiency. The e-commerce and informationization of jewelry management will significantly improve the efficiency of jewelry companies (taking inventory, point warehouses, exporting and storage), reduce theft rate, increase the turnover rate of funds, enhance corporate image, and provide more effective advertising, VIP customer management and other services. Value-added services.

First, system composition

The system consists of RFID electronic tags, electronic tag issuance devices, on-site inventory reading and writing devices, computer, control and system management software, and related network link devices and network data interfaces.

System structure

RFID Jewelry Management RFID Jewelry Management

Second, the implementation of results:

After adopting the series of RFID readers, handsets and auto-tuning of our company Wan Quan Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd., the user feedback of the RFID jewelry management system is as follows:

(1) The high accuracy of the reading of jewelry labels avoids the losses caused to the jewellery manufacturers by repeated reading, misreading or reading;

(2) Improve the quoting efficiency of jewelry: With the scheme of RFID handset, the transition from traditional special person and professional quotation to ordinary employees can make quotation, which greatly saves the human resources of jewelry companies and reduces the risk of misjudgment;

(3) A variety of desktop readers can not only meet the reading speed, but also select different interfaces according to the actual situation, which is convenient and practical.

(4) Realize sales intelligence management, greatly ensure the jewelry sales of the store; use intelligent showcase, can automatically identify the number of jewelry in the store's display cabinet, real-time reflect the sales situation at the time, clearly show and return the specific operator and time of the jewelry , Providing great convenience for standardized management planning;

(5) The speed of reading jewellery labels has been significantly increased, which has greatly accelerated jewelry inventory and reduced theft losses: for example, 6,000 jewellery inventory times have been reduced from 4 working days to 0.5 working days;

(6) Multi-interface readers connected to multiple antennas, time-sharing, time-sharing switching operations, to a large extent reduce the hardware cost of the entire system;

The combination of RFID solutions and asset tracking applications not only solves the worries of jewelers but also facilitates better business development.