RFID Knowledge Technology Analysis

- May 25, 2018-

Vendors focusing on numbers is the main reason for this problem. Imagine your marketing staff at an RFID manufacturing company. Then you need to choose between two activities. One is the activities of manufacturers. In total, there are 10,000 executives from manufacturing companies around the world. The other is the RFID industry activity, with a total of 100 executives participating.

Most marketers will choose manufacturing industry activities and believe that company salespeople can persuade participants to purchase the company's RFID solutions. As explained in Geoffrey Moore's book Crossing the Gap, this approach did not work in the market penetration phase. It took little observation to know that this did not work. If this worked, most manufacturers would already use RFID. The reality of technology is severe. Many RFID companies have already given up this solution.

There are similar problems with advertising. Companies that sell medical industry solutions often advertise on the medical industry website, but no one cares. On the contrary, there are basically no advertising costs on RFID sites. It is believed that advertising on the medical industry website is more effective.

This phenomenon is a bit like selling cars at a mall because there are more people in the mall. Of course, no one will buy a car in the mall, and everyone will go to the car dealership to buy a car.

If you are a savvy marketing person, ask the salesperson the following questions:

1 How much time will it take to convince companies that are not looking for RFID solutions to use RFID solutions? If it takes a lot of time, ask him why the company's sales growth rate has not reached 50%

2 How many companies in the target industry have large RFID solutions?

3 How many companies in the target industry actively research RFID systems?

4 Where will such a system be studied?

5 Will there be 10 room promotion programs that actively study the executives of such system companies, or will it be possible to promote an RFID solution to 1,000 rooms with no such intention?

6 If you can ensure that companies actively researching such solutions can see advertisements, even if the number is small, are you willing to advertise here?

The most important question should be to ask the salesperson and yourself: If a person who researches such a solution clicks on your ad and enters your website, what will you do next? Unfortunately, there is usually nothing special next. s things. Most websites do not have any lead-in mechanism to attract potential customers. Many times, potential customers can only read some cumbersome technical information, and then lose interest to contact the company.