RFID Laundry Tag Application

- Feb 01, 2018-

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First, the project background

At present, there are a large number of uniforms to be dealt with every morning in the hotels, playgrounds, large factories, hospitals and other places. The staffs need to wait for a line to obtain uniforms from the clothing suits. It is like going to the supermarket to checkout and need to register and receive one by one. After the registration and then returned by the pieces, and sometimes up to dozens of people queuing up, each person takes a few minutes. Moreover, the current uniformed management is basically a manual registration method, this method is not only very inefficient, but also often lead to the wrong and lost the case.

Every day to the laundry factory uniforms need to do with the laundry factory to do the transfer, uniforms management room staff will be dirty uniforms and laundry workers handed over to the uniforms by the parties after the classification of the count check, both signed and approved. Laundry companies will be returned to a clean uniform by the laundry staff and uniforms management room staff will be a clean uniforms check the type and quantity of one by one, both sides signed the correct check. Every 300 uniforms will take about 1 hour each day to hand-over the time, the quality of the laundry can not be checked during the transfer, it is impossible to talk about how to improve the quality of laundry to increase the service life of uniforms and how to effectively reduce the inventory and other modern scientific uniform management. In particular, as people's consciousness of preventing and treating diseases continues to increase, it is a very arduous task to count and count the number of sick and suits when dealing with them.

For high-level hotels, hospitals and other units with high hygiene requirements, employees need to change their work clothes on a regular basis. For those employees who do not have regular changeovers, they are urged to do so. Currently, manual management can not monitor whether employees regularly change their clothes or not and can not be scientifically based on their attendance The dynamic adjustment staff uniforms change the frequency.

The use of uniforms to carry out criminal cases is also constantly increasing, how to ensure that the uniforms of their units after the loss of unintended use of people has also become a very important issue for many enterprises and institutions.

UHF RFID tags have been widely used in various industries due to their large number of readouts at a time. However, due to the electronic tag is composed of electronic circuits, so its easy to fold, can not be waterproof and other features hinder its promotion and application of uniform management.

Based on this, Kimeery has developed a water-resistant, heat-resistant, pressure-resistant and alkali-resistant UHF band RFID tag that allows RFID technology to be used in uniforms management. And the reusable nature of the label greatly improves her price / performance ratio and lowers the average cost-per-use of the label. At present, many hotels, hospitals and amusement parks in the world have adopted this label to manage their uniforms, which not only effectively improves the efficiency of uniforms management but also greatly reduces the labor costs of uniforms management. In China, the label has been widely used in hospital suits and hospital sheets quilt cover management system.

Second, the system structure

The system consists of the following parts:

Tag: Kimeery Washable Label KMUR6525

Reading and writing device: Reader complying with EPC global C1G2 standard

Server: for background data collection, processing

Software: Uniforms management software, database software

The basic system workflow:

Through the label management system can be instantly and accurately complete uniforms, logistics, and acceptance of work, can greatly improve the work efficiency of uniform management. The use of tag tracking management system, relevant personnel can always confirm the location of each uniform, washing frequency and other information. The system can be based on prior settings, uniforms to reach a certain state will automatically prompt the uniforms disposal information.

About the changes in uniform status:

1. Initialization status

2. When adding a new uniforms to the system, you can specify the status of uniforms, under normal circumstances, the uniforms should be designated as "borrow."

3. The status changes to "lend" the timing. When an employee lends the uniforms, a lending operation is performed at the uniforms handover window, at which time the uniforms status is changed to "lend."

4. The status changes to "be washed" time. When the staff returns to uniforms, the uniforms handover window to return operations, then the uniform status will be changed to "to be washed."

5. Status changes to "send wash" the timing. When the uniforms and laundry service providers to transfer (laundry service providers take uniforms), unloading clothes in the transfer window to the library operation, when the confirmation of the library, the uniform status will change to "send wash."

6. Status changes to "borrow" the timing. When the uniforms and laundry service providers to transfer (laundry service providers back to the uniforms), to unload the transfer window storage operations, when confirmed storage, uniforms will change the status of "to be borrowed."

7. Status changes to "lost" time. Uniforms managers found uniforms lost, one case of staff reports lost, the other is the laundry service provider report lost. According to the corresponding provisions of the enterprise management process to confirm the uniforms lost, the uniforms manager can update the screen through the uniform information system, the uniforms to modify the status of "lost."

8. Status changes for the "scrapped" time. Uniforms managers found uniforms shabby, damaged, etc., according to the corresponding provisions of the enterprise management process to confirm uniforms can not be used, uniforms managers can update the system uniform information screen, the uniforms to modify the status of "scrapped."