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- Nov 29, 2017-

1. RFID Tags become popular nowdays.    Lots of company couldn't recruit staff and the cost is higher and higher. RFID tags  is a good kind of workforce. The product with RFID Tags can replace the staff. The factory just use the company system that can know the informaton of the product. 2.RFID Tags impove  the quality of the product.    The traditional way of working basically rely on manual. People are emotional animal. They are doing thins with the feeling,so  it is not easy to make sure of  product technology and make mistakes in producing. Goods are compelety controled  by RFID Tags. 3.RFID Tags can improve the effectiveness of management.    How to check in  warehouse. RFID Tags can record the information. Everything will become easy,It is not necessary to hire lots of staff to manage your warehouse. One person can do as well as hundred people, on the other hand it can make sure the quantities are right. It reduces the cost and makes mistake.

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