RFID Smart City Site Personnel Access Control Attendance Management Solution

- Aug 17, 2018-

Construction attendants at construction sites have certain specialities in access control attendance management: first, the flow of people is large; second, the cultural level of most workers is low; third, the frequency of changes in staff is relatively fast. Therefore, there is a special requirement for the attendance system of the entrance and exit of the construction site: first, the large capacity, followed by the operation, and finally the purpose of the check-in and personnel monitoring. The working hours of construction workers are not fixed, the work cycle is not fixed, and the workers who are too complicated in the attendance process do not understand and are not easy to accept. At the same time, the difficulty of information statistics, the uncertainty of construction time and construction period of construction sites, bring a lot of difficulties to the work of attendance information statistics in the later period, and in the case of special circumstances such as fire, it is not clear that the number of people in the construction site and the distribution will be given. Rescue brings great difficulties.

The passive RFID RFID technology is used to manage the construction workers. The helmets of the construction personnel are attached with RFID electronic tags representing their own identity. RFID ultra-high frequency readers are installed at the door and some important points to identify the in and out. The identity information of the construction personnel, and in some dangerous situations, such as the area where a certain type of construction personnel is prohibited from entering, when entering, an audible and visual alarm can be activated to remind the illegally entering personnel. Combined with software algorithms, you can know who is in certain areas and how many people are working. Mainly used in construction site construction personnel management, tunnel construction personnel management, drilling construction personnel management, mining area construction personnel management and other personnel sign in the monitoring field.

   RFID smart city site personnel access control case?

The main function:

1. The site staff attends the management of attendance and attendance, installs the RFID UHF reader at the entrance location and the electronic display shows the name and shift of the entering personnel.

2. In the key areas, it is forbidden to install RFID UHF readers in areas where non-shift personnel enter, and give an audible and visual alarm when illegally entering.

3. Install RFID UHF readers on some major road sections to count the number of people in a certain area and the list of people.

4. The wages of construction workers can be distributed in conjunction with the municipal wage management department based on the registration data.

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