RFID Special Sanitation Vehicle Management Solution

- Apr 11, 2018-

The RFID sanitation vehicle management solution integrates Internet, Internet of Things, RFID, GPS, smart weighing, big data and other technologies. Through comprehensive and long-distance accurate data collection and in-depth data analysis, intelligent classification and weighing equipment are used to build Management platform, mobile operation APP, “Internet + recycling + supervision” service platform, and interactive platform to form the entire process control and quantitative assessment of the construction, collection, transportation and treatment of construction waste, household garbage, food waste, and medical waste. Indicators, intuitively demonstrate the entire work and regulatory process.

The main function:

1. The garbage management of construction wastes is mainly to set up RFID tag reading points (hand-held machines or stationary readers, installed on excavators and dump trucks) at the point of departure and at the point of collection and transportation. The installation of RFID electronic tags on soil transport vehicles, combined with smart phones and custom-developed APPs, can monitor the entire transportation process of the residue and provide data basis for the supervision of waste soil and vehicle billing.

Case Photo: Sanitation Vehicle Management

2. There are two types of household garbage truck management, one is the collection of garbage trucks. UHF readers and wireless data transmission devices are installed on the sanitation garbage trucks. The garbage bin labels are read and transmitted to the cloud, and garbage trucks are monitored for recycling. In the case of garbage, if conditions allow, smart weighing equipment can be added to calculate the weight of garbage in each barrel. The other type is a garbage truck. The management method is to install an RFID UHF remote reader on the loading and unloading side, and RFID is installed on the vehicle. Electronic tags, which supervise the flow of domestic wastes and the counting of vehicles.

Case photo

3. Kitchen waste management, kitchen waste due to the presence of waste oil in recent years increased supervision, and RFID radio frequency counters and smart weighing equipment is currently the best solution, the use of counting methods on kitchen garbage The real-time online supervision of the source, destination, production quantity, clearing volume, and handling capacity, as well as the supervision of the collection and transportation process include whether it is collected and transported on time, whether it operates according to the collection and transportation route, and whether the collection and transportation process is standardized. Its main purpose is to supervise the normalized operations in the collection and transportation process, to avoid illegal transfer, and to provide financial accounting basis for the financial authorities.

4. Medical waste is a hazardous waste product. The Ministry of Health of China clearly stipulates that medical waste in hospitals must be stored closed, stored at designated locations, transported by specialized personnel, and medical waste must be incinerated to ensure sterilization and avoid environmental pollution. It is not allowed in any form. Recycling and reuse. Medical waste disposal and medical, urban construction, environmental protection, scientific research and other departments need to strengthen coordination and strengthen supervision in all aspects. The medical waste RFID monitoring system based on RFID technology with GPS technology, GPRS technology to realize visualized medical waste transportation management and real-time location based high-speed, high-efficiency information network platform and EDI as backbone technology will realize the medical waste treatment process for the environmental protection department. The full supervision provides basic information support and protection.

Related hardware product introduction:

RFID UHF remote reader/writer UR5206

The RFID UHF remote reader/writer UR5206 is a high-performance UHF ultra-high frequency electronic tag integrated machine. It is completely independent intellectual property design, combined with proprietary high-efficiency signal processing algorithms, while maintaining a high reading rate, and achieving electronic The rapid read/write processing of tags is widely used in a variety of RFID systems such as parking management, truck weighing, no parking fees, automatic sorting line identification, logistics, access control systems, anti-counterfeiting systems, and production process control. .

RFID UHF RFID tag reader/writer UR6258

The RFID UHF RFID tag reader/writer UR6258 is a high-performance UHF UHF RFID tag reader developed based on the depth of the IMPINJ R2000 chip. It is completely independent intellectual property design and incorporates a proprietary high-efficiency signal processing algorithm. At the same time of high reading rate, the rapid read and write processing of electronic tags is widely used in storage access, book management, weighing management, logistics sorting, intelligent transportation, access control systems, anti-counterfeiting systems and production process control and other wireless Radio frequency identification (RFID) system.

RFID UHF Circularly Polarized Antenna UA2626

The RFID UHF antenna UA2626 is a high performance UHF UHF antenna. Can be widely used in storage and out of warehouse management, logistics sorting, vehicle management, smart weighing, access control attendance, anti-counterfeiting system and production process control and other wireless radio frequency identification (RFID) system.

RFID UHF Android Android handheld terminal MT7000

RFID UHF high-performance handheld is a 4 core Android Android 4.3 system handheld terminal developed by our company. It is equipped with bar code (1D or 2D), UHF (902-928MHz) based on R2000 chip depth development module, Combines a 3.5-inch IPS capacitive touch screen with a feature-rich data collector. Can be widely used in logistics express, equipment inspection, asset management, medical care, anti-counterfeit traceability, product quality inspection, water and electricity meter reading, clothing orders, mobile sales and other wireless radio frequency identification (RFID) system.