RFID Warehousing And Logistics Industry Solutions

- Jun 26, 2018-

First, the definition of wireless storage

    The wireless warehouse management system relies on the company's existing management system to combine radio frequency technology, bar code technology and wireless computer network technology, integrates advanced hardware and software systems, and places emphasis on the site where the data occurs, namely the warehouse, and fundamentally guarantees The actual operation, the logistics status and the back-end database are accurately unified at any time and in any place. At the same time, the operating efficiency is further improved, and the scientific management of the warehouse is truly realized.

Second, technical solutions

    Wireless network, communication technology (with ERP system or inventory management system) and bar code technology are the technical assembly of wireless warehouse management system. Wireless network The wireless base station based on the IEEE 802.11a/b/g wireless LAN standard can be interconnected with any equipment that meets standards. Signal coverage can be spread throughout every corner of the enterprise campus, whether in the office area, the factory area, or the warehouse. In the yard, real-time data transmission can be realized through mobile terminals. The GRPS/CDMA wireless network technology based on the public network enables you to conduct real-time inquiries and data exchanges with the headquarters data center in any foreign warehouse, specialty store or freight car of the company to achieve real-time data updates. Communication Technology Communication technology provides the data interface of ERP system or inventory management system for handheld devices, completes bidirectional data transmission, real-time query of data on handheld devices and real-time transmission of on-site data collection.

Third, system application case

Wireless PDA based mobile commerce solution

For third-party warehousing and logistics

For container terminal

Used for marketing chain management

For product after-sale tracking service

For express or material tracking

Fourth, RFID-based solutions

    The purpose of the warehouse management system design based on RFID technology is to realize the automation of item out/warehouse control, item storage location and quantity statistics, and information inquiry process, and to facilitate management personnel to conduct statistics, inquiries and grasp the flow of materials. In order to achieve the requirements of convenience, speed, safety, and efficiency, the system is designed as follows.

1, the system consists of: RFID-based warehouse management system hardware includes: host, printer, out / into the library reader, mobile reader and so on.

2. Software module: The system includes five modules: system setup, warehouse management, outbound management, material management, and database management. System settings include password modification, warehouse area, reader/writer address, serial port and alarm rule setting functions; out/warehousing management includes reading/writing electronic tags, adding/removing records, generating reports and other functions; material management including material positioning, Inventory, statistics, and reporting functions; database management Browse, query, sort, and other operations on the database, can only modify or edit part of the information, such as the extent of damage, notes, etc., have no right to add or delete any records.

3, the main functions of the system and its implementation: Material positioning Out / Inbound management Material inventory