RIFD Electronic Tags For Different Frequency Applications

- Jul 03, 2018-

The frequency of rfid electronic tags is mainly divided into three categories: low frequency, high frequency and ultra high frequency. The fields of different frequency applications are also different. In the article "What is UHF, low frequency, high frequency RFID electronic tags" is detailed in the article. As mentioned, the design of the frequency band is different, and the corresponding application requirements of different fields are met accordingly. Let us look at the application of different frequencies of the rfid electronic tag.

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) is an emerging wireless communication technology developed in the 1980s that identifies specific targets and reads and writes related data through radio signals without the need to identify mechanical or optical contact between the system and a particular target. With the advent of the Internet of Things era, its applications have covered logistics and supply management, manufacturing and assembly, air baggage handling, mail/fast parcel processing, document tracking/library management, animal identification, motion timing, access control/electronics Tickets, automatic road tolls, one-card, plastic trays in storage, and turnover baskets are among many areas.

RFID electronic tags vary depending on the frequency of application:

One: the main application of low frequency tags

1. Management system for animal husbandry.

2. Application of car theft and keyless door opening system.

3. Application of the marathon racing system.

4. Automatic parking lot charging and vehicle management system.

5. Application of automatic refueling system.

6. Application of hotel door lock system.

7. Access control and security management systems.

Two: The main application of high frequency RFID electronic tags

1. The application of the library management system.

2. Management application of gas cylinders.

3. Management and application of garment production lines and logistics systems.

4. Three-table pre-charge system.

5 management and application of hotel door locks.

6. Large conference personnel channel system.

7. Management system for fixed assets.

8. Management and application of pharmaceutical logistics systems.

9. Management of smart shelves.

10. Jewelry inventory management.

Three: UHF RFID electronic tag main application

 1. Management and application in the supply chain.

2. Management and application of production line automation.

3. Management and application of air parcels.

4. Management and application of containers.

5. Management and application of railway parcels.

6. Application of the logistics management system.