Rigid Demand For Electronic License Plates

- Jul 09, 2018-

The maturity of the concept of smart city and the development of the Internet of Vehicles have made autopilot and electronic license plates gradually put on the agenda. As the world's largest auto market, the Chinese market has great potential, and the ability of Chinese suppliers to supply this market is not to be underestimated.

Chinese electronic license plate is starting

According to the VehicleTrend vehicle power forecast, China's car ownership in 2017 reached 217 million units, up 11.85% year-on-year; in 2018, vehicle ownership will reach 246 million units, an increase of 13.5%. If all the electronic license plates are replaced, according to the unit price of 47 yuan for the electronic license plates provided by the Chongqing pilot project, the market size is expected to reach 12 billion yuan. In addition, after the replacement of the electronic license plate, a series of supporting links and services such as related reading equipment, installation engineering, and network service system will trigger a round of more market demand.

In addition to China, many developed countries such as Europe and the United States have also launched electronic license plate applications. The installation of electronic license plates is not only convenient for vehicle management, but also an effective vehicle safety system.

American license plate recognition application

In the United States and Mexico, license plate recognition is very helpful for cracking down on criminal activities, providing a large amount of intelligence information for crime detection. Recently, the United States is also pursuing a national license plate recognition system plan. Although there are people questioning whether it hinders citizens' privacy, according to research reports, only 0.2% of the data is used for criminal investigation.

Singapore's electronic license plate is widely used

The Singapore Electronic Road Pricing System, or ERP, was established in 1998 as a non-stop charging system to manage traffic in Singapore through road tolls. The ERP system consists of an on-board unit with a cash card, an ERP display card, and a control center. In the transportation system database, each vehicle has its own unique vehicle-mounted unit ID. Different types of vehicles use different types of vehicle-mounted units, and the system updates the rate according to the model and usage period. The ERP system performed well when it was put into use. According to relevant reports, road traffic at peak times has decreased by nearly 25,000 vehicles, and vehicle speed has increased by about 20%.

British electronic license plates are favored

Currently, the entire UK is using electronic license plates to manage motor vehicles, and cars with electronic license plates can be identified at any time, any place, in any weather conditions, at any speed. Even a damaged, damaged, damaged license plate does not affect its normal work. And its design is unique, it can not be removed from one car and put on another car. No matter where you use it, the electronic license plate can instantly identify each car.

German electronic license plate advantage is very obvious on cargo trucks

Most trucks in Germany have an electronic information system installed, and the information on each truck is read by the cross-frame scanning device above the highway, which is the payment status. The German highway is free for ordinary vehicles and there is no fixed toll station, so the main function of the so-called electronic license plate of the truck is to identify the time and mileage of the highway. To a certain extent, similar to the domestic ETC card, the function is very simple, and the data information of the vehicle has strict security protection measures.

It can be seen that developed countries in Europe, America and Asia-Pacific have become the leading demand market for electronic license plates. At the same time, different market types and electronic license plate requirements are different for different types of vehicles. This is both an opportunity and a challenge for electronic license plate exporters.