Roadside Parking Toll System

- Jul 06, 2018-

[Background introduction]

Problems with traditional parking charge management:

1. It is difficult to manage dispersed groups in a timely and accurate manner;

2. There is a blind spot in human management;

3. When the parking lot charging rules are changed, manual upgrades are required;

4. When using cheap equipment, the faults occur frequently, which is labor intensive and affects the charging work. The use of high-grade equipment causes excessive input costs.

【An Introduction】

The intelligent parking charge management program mainly connects the various parking lots in the city into a unified network platform. The administrator can view the parking conditions, geographical location information, total number of parking spaces, and spare parking spaces of each parking lot in real time. The intelligent parking charge management platform has developed a unified development interface specification, and the equipment of each manufacturer can be docked with the platform.

The intelligent parking charge management platform integrates the modern ERP function, automatically and accurately counts the charges in real time, and conducts performance assessment on the toll collectors through data analysis to provide the enterprise information management level.

The charging system has made effective solutions to the objective and practical problems existing in some industries:

1. Print small ticket: reduce the cost of invoice management;

2. Increase inspection function: control toll collectors to engage in malpractices;

3. Red list function: For some special vehicles, there is a red list reminder function to avoid unnecessary disputes between the toll collectors and these vehicles;

4. Charge recovery function: For the escaping vehicles, the automatic record is recorded in the platform. When parking in other parking lots, the arrears record will be automatically generated.


Query function

Inquire about vehicle entry and exit records based on time, license plate number, and yard information.

Cost record

The toll collector enters the payment record and queries the statistical payment record.

Member management

Depending on the nature of the owner, a membership card, a recharge card, or a temporary card can be issued. The card can be operated for validity period, loss reporting, recharge, and the like. It is also possible to query and count the vehicle entry and exit records and charges according to the type of IC card. For recharge, you can query its recharge and consumption records.

Patrol function

The inspector uses the handheld inspection terminal equipment to conduct inspections in the parking lot, enters the parking lot parking vehicle license plate number, and sends it to the parking fee management platform data center to check whether the vehicle has been swiped. Judging whether the yard charger has fraud. The administrator can query the inspection record through the management system.

Attendance function

The toll collector swipes the employee card on the PDA handheld terminal when commuting, and the PDA handheld terminal sends the commute time and the charging situation to the parking fee management platform data center. The administrator can query the attendant's attendance information through the platform management system.

Redlist and blacklist functions

Red list and blacklist vehicle information is maintained in the intelligent parking fee management platform. The red list mainly refers to official vehicles and some special vehicles. After the toll collector enters the license plate through the PDA handheld terminal, the system returns a message indicating that the vehicle is a redlisted vehicle. If it is blacklisted vehicle information, the system will also return its status and perform different treatment according to the different nature of the blacklisted vehicle. If it is a owed vehicle, the toll collector can chase the owner of the owed fee.

[Device introduction]

The PDA handheld terminal can be used for operations such as timing charges, vehicle record inquiries, and the like. The administrator can set various parameter information of the PDA handheld terminal, including basic settings, device information, printing parameters, charging parameters, communication parameters, and also can view data storage information, enter and exit vehicle records, clear data, upload data, and register IC cards. And other functions. The interface is clear and easy to operate. Use menu selection style, and humanized prompt information. It is equipped with a fast license plate input method and a pinyin Chinese input method, which can be flexibly switched between Chinese input, English letters and numbers.

[program value]

1. Strengthened the management of toll collectors, controlled the practice of malpractices, and further controlled the loss of expenses.

2. Accurate, timely and efficient financial management. Real-time statistics of data, managers can view the income of any time period at any time.

3. Digital performance appraisal of the toll collectors, level identification based on performance, and bonus distribution.

4. Print the charge credential ticket, display the information such as the arrival time, the departure time, the billing price, etc., and reduce the billing dispute between the toll collector and the owner.

5. After using the intelligent parking charge management system, the company does not need to subcontract the various parking lots. The toll collectors use advanced IoT billing terminals, and the data is uploaded to the company headquarters server in real time. The company can keep abreast of the charges of each parking lot. Informatization management of toll collectors distributed in various regions.