System For Patient Identification Using PDA

- Mar 19, 2019-

System summary:

Barcode and RFID technology is applied to patient wristbands, infusion labels, pathological examination labels and specimen labels, etc., using barcode printers to print information.

The PDA mobile terminal scans the wristband or label information to quickly and accurately identify patients, drugs and specimens under different conditions such as admission, clinical treatment, examination, surgery, and first aid.

That is to achieve the integration of patient data collection, identification, verification and management through bar code.


      Barcode technology is combined with wireless technology to enable mobile care.

A “two-point” check of patient identity and medication to achieve the 5R criteria for care management (the correct dose, the right method, the right time, the right patient, the right medication).

Importing is low cost, no need to change existing systems, and can be used without connecting to the backbone system.

Import effect

     The scanning barcode checks the identity of the patient, prevents the occurrence of medical errors or accidents such as mistaking drugs, and reduces the psychological burden of the medical staff.

Nursing work requires multiple transcriptions, transfer, manual check, etc. Bar code makes the work faster and easier, greatly improving work efficiency.

The efficient and orderly new type of nursing management really reduces the workload and physical and mental burden of medical staff, improves the ability of nursing care, the bed turnover rate and the image of the hospital.