UHF Tag Detection Solution

- Nov 21, 2018-

Project Background

With the development of China's economy, people's quality of life has received more and more attention. The public is still very supportive of the brand population. Whether it is daily necessities, industrial supplies or military supplies, it needs to have a certification label. After being manufactured in large quantities, and how the qualification rate of the label is a very important issue for manufacturers and even research units, each research unit began to study the label inspection system, so UHF label detection solutions can help manufacturers and research units. Better improve product quality and work efficiency.

2. Label manufacturer research situation

In the production of UHF tags, you often encounter such problems:

When the label is produced, it is difficult to judge whether it meets the design requirements;

The consistency between the labels is not good;

The existing UHF tag detection system is expensive and the input cost is too high;

3. Introduction of UHF label detection system

Advanced UHF tag inspection technology provides fast and accurate evaluation of performance, including sensitivity, read range and power at each frequency.

System Features :

(1) It can realize the response performance detection of each label: the read distance, sensitivity and power of each frequency point.

(2) Import judgment criteria to achieve eligibility judgment for each label.

(3) Consistency detection of different labels.