What Are The Advantages Of RFID Tags?

- Jun 29, 2018-

With the continuous development of technology, the advantages and advantages of RFID tags will be widely used in more fields. Nowadays, RFID tags have been integrated into our modern lives and have taken a place among the world's top ten anti-counterfeiting technologies, from the RFID anti-counterfeit traceability system of China’s national wine Maotai to the daily RFID non-stop charging management system. What are the advantages and benefits of RFID tags? Let's introduce Xiaobian for everyone:

First, better security: not only can be embedded or attached to different shapes and types of products, but also can set up password protection for reading and writing of tag data, thus having higher security;

Second, the tag data can be dynamically changed: the use of programmers can write data, thereby giving the RFID tag interactive portable data file function, and the writing time is less than the printed bar code;

Third, dynamic real-time communication: the tag communicates with the reader at a frequency of 50 to 100 times per second, so that as long as the RFID tag attached object appears within the effective recognition range of the reader, it can dynamically track its position. And monitoring;

Fourth, the recognition speed: the tag enters the magnetic field, the reader can instantly read the information, and can handle multiple tags at the same time, to achieve batch identification;

V. Large data capacity: The two-dimensional barcode with the largest data capacity can only store up to 2,725 digits; if it contains letters, the amount of storage will be less; RFID tags can be expanded to dozens of K according to the needs of users;

6. Long service life and wide range of applications: Its radio communication method can be applied to high-pollution and radioactive environments such as dust and oil, and its closed packaging greatly exceeds the printed bar code.

Seventh, reading is convenient and quick: The data read does not need the light source, even can carry on through the outer packing. The effective identification distance is larger. When using the active label with its own battery, the effective identification distance can reach more than 30 meters.