What Can The NFC Function Of The Mobile Phone Do

- Oct 09, 2018-

NFC is an application promoted by various mobile phone manufacturers in recent years. Its full name is “Near Field Communication”, which can establish a wireless transmission channel between two close-range electronic devices. The two can transmit and rewrite each other. Data, and this technology does not consume much power.

At present, the application of NFC is not so extensive. Most people use this technology and only stay on the bus card for commuting to work every day. But in fact, NFC is a very powerful technology, you only need to use some brains and an NFC sticker, you can create unlimited possibilities.

Share WIFI password

Every time a guest comes to eat at home, I believe that the first thing many people do is to ask you, "How much is your WIFI password?" Compared with the way of dictating hand, if your mobile phone has NFC function. Then, you only need to download an app called InstaWifi, and then use the NFC sticker, the other party can automatically join your home WIFI network by simply touching the NFC sticker, is it avoiding a lot of trouble?

View bus card balance

I believe this feature is very suitable for many people, because when we use the bus card to take the bus, often do not go to see the balance on the bus card and miss the opportunity to go to the card, and now you just download an app called Farebot , you can easily check the balance in the bus card. By the way, many recharge cards actually rely on NFC technology, which means you can also use this method to view your student card or canteen meal card.

Transfer data via Android Beam

Android Beam is a unique feature on the Android system. You only need to bring two NFC-enabled phones close to each other to be able to transfer files and photos to each other!

Android Pay payment

When it comes to NFC, it is definitely a near-field payment function. After all, this is a function that many mobile phone manufacturers push. Now you only need your Android phone to support NFC, and the mobile phone system is Android 4.4 KitKat or above, then install Android Pay and add After the credit card, you can use your mobile phone to pay, the principle is the same as Apple's Apple Pay.

Wake up every morning

Is it right now that I feel completely awake when I use my mobile phone in the morning? Then try the NFC function of the phone. If you download a mobile phone alarm called Sleep, it can turn your phone into a sleep quality detector. What's more interesting is that it allows you to set the way to turn off the alarm by using the phone to sense the corresponding NFC sticker. That is to say, you can attach the specified NFC sticker to the kitchen refrigerator. When the alarm sounds the next day, you must go out of bed and use the mobile phone to sense the sticker on the refrigerator to cancel the alarm.

other apps

Because NFC has the characteristics of fast pairing, there are some mobile phone peripheral products, such as audio and smart watches, which use NFC instead of Bluetooth as the latest matching standard. Compared to Bluetooth, NFC can pair devices with extremely fast speeds, and then use Bluetooth for long-distance data transmission, making full use of the characteristics of the two technologies.

NFC technology as a start-up technology, and many of these undeveloped application functions waiting for people to explore, I believe that in the near future we can see more interesting NFC applications.