What Is The RFID Fragile Label And How It Can Play An Anti-counterfeiting Role

- May 27, 2019-

Traditional anti-counterfeiting technology generally uses printing anti-counterfeiting, and anti-counterfeit labels can be copied and moved. Not only did it not play an anti-counterfeiting role, but it was copied by fraudulent merchants in fraud, and more times, fake products flowed into the market, forming a vicious circle. The combination of RFID and anti-counterfeiting technology has further curbed counterfeit products in the domestic market. Using RFID fragile anti-counterfeiting technology, the electronic tag has an embedded chip, and is a global unique number or commodity coded information, which can only be recognized by authorized reading and writing devices.

The RFID fragile label adopts special fragile paper and anti-transfer glue, and the label antenna removes the PET layer, so that the RFID fragile label can not be peeled off after being pasted, and the anti-transfer and anti-tear effect is achieved. After it is attached to the item, the antenna will automatically break when it is exposed, so it plays the role of anti-counterfeiting, and is mainly used in the field of anti-counterfeiting traceability of valuable items, tobacco, and famous wine.

The RFID fragile label can effectively prevent heat transfer; the original double-sided antenna coil is made of high-precision aluminum etching, which is more than the printed antenna label and semi-printed semi-aluminum (copper) etched antenna label, which ensures the consistency between products and improves the consistency. The quality of the label; the distance between aluminum and aluminum in the label is relatively consistent and not easy to break, ensuring a relatively uniform resistivity within the label, making the label information transmission, reading and writing stable and fast.

This also makes RFID fragile labels stable in harsh environments such as ultraviolet light and high temperature. At the same time, RFID fragile labels are resistant to bending, are not easily damaged, and last longer. Combined with the current popular two-dimensional code anti-counterfeiting printing technology to achieve multiple anti-counterfeiting and use, truly realize the RFID anti-counterfeiting traceability that consumers can raise their hands.