Why Medical Disposable Silicone Wristband Worth You Have

- Dec 18, 2017-

Silicone wristband worth you have,Disposable Wristband

 Use of Medical RFID Disposable Wristband: The medical identification silicone wristband is mainly used on inpatients as an identification of patient identification.

  Medical RFID disposable Silicone wristband content: Therefore, the medical identification wristband generally printed above the patient's name, gender, age, department, hospital number.

According to the different needs of the hospital, medical identification silicone wristband above may also appear bed number, date of admission, diagnosis, one-dimensional code, two-dimensional code and so on.

  National regulations, each patient must be admitted to a one-time identification wristband, as the only identification of identity.

Medical RFID silicone Wristband Colors: Patient wristbands vary in color, but different medical RFID silicone wristband colors can also play different roles.

Medical RFID silicone wristband operation and implementation requirements are as follows:

1. Requires simple operation easy to wear;

2. Available in a variety of colors of the wristband options;

3. Using a one-time use of the lock;

4 (for print type rfid silicone wristband) Install printing software, connect to the hospital's information management system, you can print the required patient information directly on the wristband; patients wearing a printed two-dimensional (or One-dimensional) bar code as a carrier of information, which contains the patient's name, hospital number, sex, age, admission diagnosis, allergy drug names and other information.

5. Patient admission rfid silicone wristband printing, the wrist strap will be worn directly on the patient's wrist after printing, handwritten type is written directly on the wristband;

6. Medical staff in the clinical work process, first check the patient's rfid silicone wristband to determine the identity of the patient, and then continue to scan the drug label, scan the system automatically match the patient and drug information, match, and then perform a doctor's advice.

7. Health care workers in the patient bed has completed the entry of the data collection of signs, reducing manual records and manual transfer and other intermediate links, to achieve the patient and related medical information one by one correspondence.

8. From the infusion, injection to the test, surgery and other hospital routine activities, can scan the way to quickly and accurately read the patient's information, thereby enhancing the efficiency and service levels of health care workers (handwritten wristbands do not have this advantage ).

9.the application of medical links silicone wristband

Medical wrist band in the medical aspects are reflected in the following areas:

A:Dietary management

Through the silicone wristband identification, you can record the patient's dining situation, record data for checkout use. The application is for reference only, many functions also need to explore and explore. But it goes without saying that both bar code technology and patient identification products will soon be widely used in hospitals.

Most of the hospitals are using it, personal feeling smelly ah. Handwritten, easy font faint.

There are two-dimensional code, you can scan the patient information

B.Hospital check-up

Inpatient ward by reading the patient rfid silicone wristbands, read in patient information, call out medical records and medical advice, but also enter the vital signs, such as body temperature, blood pressure and so on.

Blood transfusion samples were extracted

C.Emergency room operating room use

Emergency rooms handle emergency patients of all kinds and are difficult to manage well. Under the pressure of fast-paced work, problems such as specimens being confused often occur. With the aid of a barcode medical wristband and a hand-held scanner that can scan bar codes, the emergency room can be handled well. Also in the operating room, once the patient has been anesthetized, it is difficult to be soberly expressed. Use of barcode medical wristbands and hand-held devices to quickly confirm patient identity and access to relevant information.

In medication, blood transfusion, test sample extraction and other treatment, read the wristband patient information to check identity, and then check the doctor's advice to ensure "five correct."

D.Patient access management of silicone wristband

Inpatient access to the ward for identification and registration, to facilitate the management of patients.

E.Discharged checkout of silicone wristband

Discharged by the medical rfid silicone wristband printed at the nurse's station with a barcode label notice to checkout, due to the automatic identification of bar code capabilities, processing is very fast and accurate.