Why Should Agricultural Products Have Unique ID Cards?

- Jun 20, 2018-

Various countries in the world have adopted various control measures to solve food safety problems. China has also conducted various explorations and practices in food safety control since the 1980s.

However, due to the arduousness and complexity of food safety issues, the improvement of food safety quality is not satisfactory. The problem of food safety in the whole process from “farm to table” depends on a more systematic control mode.

In recent years, the national government successively promulgated the "Opinions of the General Office of the State Council on Accelerating the Construction of Traceability Systems for Important Products", the "Opinions of the Ministry of Agriculture on Accelerating the Construction of Quality and Safety Traceability System for Agricultural Products," "Administrative Measures on the Management of Agricultural Product Licenses," and "Business Ministry of Finance General Office of the Ministry of Finance on the development of the supply chain system construction notice and other documents.

What signals did this series of documents give to agricultural product companies and producers?

From the above documents, we can learn that the country attaches great importance to food safety and the quality of agricultural products, and strives to ensure the safety of foods from all aspects. Food traceability is a general trend.

From the trace of agricultural products, to the tracing of agricultural resources, to the construction of supply chain system, relying on the promotion of policies, the Agricultural Gate Bureau shared the farm's integrated agricultural supply chain, and launched the “Citizen+Platform+Enterprise+Farmer” agricultural recognition project.

Change of agricultural product industry chain and reduce the risk of unsalable agricultural products

In this agricultural identification project of the Agricultural Gate Bureau, citizens can order products through the agricultural portal platform. Farmers organize production patterns according to orders and prepare products for citizens to book.

The entire industry chain has been changed from traditional “product first, sales later” to “demand first, followed by production”. This not only greatly reduces the risk of unsalable agricultural products, but also creates an exclusive “identity card” for each agricultural product intangibly, allowing consumers to clearly understand the source of production of various agricultural products.

Why should agricultural products have unique "identity cards"? Food traceability is a general trend!

Through the establishment of "ID cards" for the exclusive use of agricultural products and the "trackability" mechanism for producing agricultural products, the importance of the agricultural product manufacturers to the entire production process will be effectively enhanced, thus ensuring the quality and safety of agricultural products from the source.

The production method proposed by the Agricultural Bureau Standard Bureau Sharing Farm broke the obstacle to the “last mile” of high-quality agricultural products reaching the citizens' dining table, and achieved a direct connection from “farmers to consumers” and “from the field to the table”. Finally, Provide consumers with fresh, safe, healthy and visible ecological agricultural products.

In the end, no matter whether it is an agro-products production enterprise or a farm product standard, such as agricultural product service platforms, only by complying with national policies and advocacy, starting from the perspective of consumers and social issues, and working hard to solve practical problems, can we obtain a longer-term development path.