RFID Blank Card

RFID Blank Card

●Key Features of UHF RFID Blank card.
▶IP rating: IP68
▶Mounting:3M adhesive.
▶Working temperature:-25℃ to +85℃
▶Reading distance:>10m
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Product Details

●UHF RFID Blank card

RFID Blank card

Key Features of UHF RFID Blank card.

●Tiny, elegant form factor; unobtrusive at point-of-sale

●Tamper evident option

●Disposable and re-used types are on optional

● Available in low frequency,high frequency and ultrahigh frequency

●Available in custom logo,custom size(contact us for your requirements)

▲Key Application filed of UHF RFID Blank card.

● Container management                

● Device Management                    

● Asset management

● Transport Tracking                           

● Energy Industry                            

● Manufacturing and Logistics

▲Installation method of UHF RFID Blank card.

PVC Cards have a special nano-coating on surface, it can absord ink. Therefore, it can print on inkjet printer such as Epson, Canon printer.

●3M adhesive or Hang

▲The Key parameter of UHF RFID Blank card.

Product Model:KMRB802512
Chip Protocol:

ISO 18000-6C 

Working Frequency:860~960MHz
IC Type:Impinj R6-128bit(NTAG213/215/216,TK4100)
Readig distance:

up to 15m

Functionality:Read / write
Applicable Surface:Non metal


Color:White, black or customized
Mounting Methods:3M adhesive
IP Rating:IP68
Storage  Temperature:-25℃ to +85℃
Operation  Temperature:-25℃ to +85℃