Tamper Resistant Printable Vehicle RFID Sticker

Tamper Resistant Printable Vehicle RFID Sticker

Vehicle tag can be directly attached to the upper inner surface of the car windshield or inserted into the tag holder. Application areas Vehicle access control, community management, high-speed non-stop charging management, warehousing, logistics, asset management, aviation, retail, etc.
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Product Details

Product details

Product name:Tamper Resistant Printable Vehicle RFID sticker


Offset Printing,Rotary Printing,Silk/Screen Printing,etc.

Chip:Aline H3 or cusomized


Application:Vehicle/Parking Lot Management ,Windshield,etc


Material:PVC ,PET, Coated Paper,Ceramic or customized

Size:110*40mm,or customized

Operating Temperature:-20~50°C

Reading Range:1.2m(relates with reader,antenna and working environment)


1. According to the distance requirement, the inlay distance can be adjusted from 1 to 15 meters.

2, the card reading speed is fast, not subject to the speed limit, no missing reading phenomenon;

3. Infrared positioning and radio frequency transmission, without any interference between electronic tags;

4. It can be tamper-proof and deliberately destroyed. When it is destroyed by Peo

Label structure

label sturction

Main application

main application

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