UHF Anti-metal ABS TAG

UHF Anti-metal ABS TAG

●Key Features of UHF anti-metal ABS TAG.
▶IP rating: IP68
▶Application:Metal or non-metal
▶Mounting:3M adhesive,magnet,screwing.
▶Working temperature:-25℃ to +85℃
▶Reading distance:>4m
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Product Details

●UHF anti-metal ABS TAG.

UHF anti-metal ABS TAG

●Key Features of UHF anti-metal ABS TAG.

▶100% Complies to RoHS

▶Passed high temperature test at200°C (392 °F) for 6 hours

▶Passed200°C hot oil chamber test for 6 hours

▶Passed85°C/95% RH humidity test for 168 hours

▶Passed 200*Cycles b/w ‐45°Cand85°C

▶Passed free falling 1kg iron ball impact test from    1.5M height

▶Passed drop& topple ‐IEC 60068‐2‐31

▶Passed vibration ‐IEC 60068‐2‐6

▶Passed 1kg iron ball impact test from 1.5M height

▶Passed chemical stress test with sulfuric acid, NaOH, salt water, etc

▶Passed ingression test (IP67)

▶EPC Class1 Gen2 with ALIEN Higgs3

▶ISO 15693 NXP ICODE SL2 (Titan Biscuit)

▶Best read perform with similar size on‐metal tags

▶Encoding and barcode printing service provided

▲Key Application filed of UHF anti-metal ABS TAG.

● Container management                

● Device Management                    

● Asset management

● Transport Tracking                           

● Energy Industry                            

● Manufacturing and Logistics

 ● Metal material management ( Tool and Rental Equipment )

▲Installation method of UHF anti-metal ABS TAG.

●3M adhesive,magnet,screwing.

▲The Key parameter of UHF anti-metal ABS TAG.

Product Model:KMRF-I03
Chip Protocol:

ISO 18000-6C

Working Frequency:860~960MHz
IC Type:Impinj M4QT(96bits EPC, 512 bits user memory)
Readig distance:

up to 1.5m ---non metal(2~3db handheld reader)

up to 4m--------On metal.

Functionality:Read / write
Applicable Surface:Metal


Color:White, black or customized
Mounting Methods:3M adhesive,magnet,screwing.
IP Rating:IP68
Storage  Temperature:-25℃ to +85℃
Operation  Temperature:-25℃ to +85℃