Well Lid Bolt Tags

Well Lid Bolt Tags

These products are customised which are used for well lids management .these are made of the materials which suit for high temperature and oil cover as well as rfid chip embedded.so these can be used in all kinds of industry environment and equitments asset management .
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Product Details

Well lid bolt tags

The application using as follow,

RFID Anti-Metal Well Lid  tags applicationRFID Anti-Metal Well Lid  tags.jpg

Typical application environment: Well Lids management, automatic management, industrial management.

The Key feature of well lid bolt tags

Product No:KMRSCM30.

Size: ODM.



Working frequency:840~960MHZ.

Protocol:ISO18000-6C,EPC Classl Gen 2

Reading distance:50CM.

Material:304Steel or according to environment choose suitable material.

Working temperature:-40~+160℃(160℃/20min)

Storage temperature:-40~+160℃

Product application description:

As long as the wall of the hole thickness is 3mm or more, the plastic plate of 2mm or more, or the metal plate of 1.5mm or more, the appropriate diameter specification can be selected at the appropriate position of the product, and a bolt electronic tag can be screwed. Your product or device will also be “screwed” with an “ID code” for easy digital identification.