UHF Anti-Metal UHF Tag

UHF Anti-Metal UHF Tag

This type of RFID hard tag is mainly made up of a special antenna design and engineering plastic package to effectively prevent metal interference with RF signals. This results in good read performance on metal, even farther than reading in air. We can install RFID tags on the metal or non-metal surface fixed assets, install RFID identification devices at the entrances and exits, and combine the data center asset real-time monitoring platform to achieve full visibility of assets and real-time information updates, real-time monitoring of assets.
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UHF ABS anti-metal tag

The introduction of ABS anti-metal tag. 

Metal-resistant electronic tags are attached to metal for good read performance, even longer than reading in air. With a special circuit design, this type of electronic tag can effectively prevent the metal from interfering with the RF number. The outstanding performance of the real metal-resistant electronic tag is that the reading distance on the metal is farther than that without the metal. This is The result of the overall design.

The key feature. US-902~928MHz

Product Model:KMRU9025
Chip Protocol:EPC Class1 Gen2,ISO 18000-6C
Working Frequency:902-928MHz
IC Type:Monza R6
Memory:EPC 96bit, TID96bit   
Functionality:Read / write
Applicable Surface:Metal Surfaces
Read Range(36dBm/4W):Up to 12m,On metal.(It depends on reader)
                                                             Physicial Specification
Dimension:L:90* W:25mm* T:4.5mm(Hole:D4mm*2)
Mounting Methods:Adhesive,Screw,binding
                                                              Environmental Specification:
IP Rating:IP68
Operation  Temperature:-20degree to + 85degree

The performance of ABS anti-metal tag.


The application of ABS anti-metal tag.

Typical applications: personnel management, item supply and marketing management, warehouse, asset management, tobacco shipping pallets, mold maintenance tracking, patrol patrol check-in, container identification. Large frequency bandwidth and compatible with multiple encodings.

ABS anti-metal tags

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