EAS 58K Sound Magnetic Anti-theft Stickers

EAS 58K Sound Magnetic Anti-theft Stickers

Frequency:58KHZ Dimension:45.21mm*10.67mm*1.89mm Attachment methods:adhesive Application:Supermarket
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EAS 58K Sound Magnetic Anti-theft Stickers

The application of EAS 58K Sound Magnetic Anti-theft Stickers On Supermarket.

58K EAS Application0258K EAS Application

The Key paramter of EAS 58KHz EAS TAG

Specification: 45.21mm*10.67mm*1.89mm

Frequency: 58KHZ

Packing: 5000pcs/carton

Gross weight: 2.67KG

The Material Structure of EAS 58KHz TAG

Housing:Polystyrene (thickness 0.3mm)

Resonator:made of amorphous magnetic resonance material (iron, cobalt, silicon)

Tableting:generation density polyethylene polyester (0.127mm)

Adhesive:double-sided rubber adhesive with a total thickness of 0.140mm and a minimum peel strength of 80oz/m

Liner:double-sided silicon liner

Applicable environment:

Temperature:up to 65oC minimum -30 oC

Humidity:Humidity at 80oC for up to 196 hours at 65oC

Shelf life:The temperature is 15-32 degrees and the humidity is 50% for 24 months.

Bearing pressure: the highest force 445N

External magnetic field: less than 8 Gauss

Packing specification:

Number of plates:108 pieces

The smallest box:5000 pieces / box (285mm * 200mm * 118mm)

Weight per case:2.98Kg


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The introduction of EAS 58KHz EAS TAG

58KHz tags we call as Sound Magnetic Anti-theft Stickers on business eyes, it is widely applicated on Shop or supermarket to make sure that all goods is safety. Eas will work well as soon as the theft take away goods without payment. This EAS tag is the best choice for client. Welcome to order this tags or get free samples from kimeery, you can contact sales1@kimeeryrfidtag to get this tag.

58K EAS 0158K EAS 02

Welcome to buy the eas 58k sound magnetic anti-theft stickers, coming in good performance and reasonable price, with our factory. We are one of the leading RFID tags suppliers, offering you the customized service. Please be free to get the free sample from us.
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