Waterproof And Soft Silicone Tags

Waterproof And Soft Silicone Tags

The silicone laundry tag is a safe, non-toxic, durable and environmentally tag. It can be used for the washing industry, medical logistics and other professional fields. Also used for other high temperature, high humidity and high temperature. Work conditions such as labor intensity.
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Product Details

Product parameter:

Size: 55*12mm*2.7mm 

Material: environmentally silicone

Operating temperature:-20℃~+90℃

Storage temperature:-40℃~+100℃

Working frequency:840-960MHz

Standard:ISO18000-6C,EPC Class1 Gen 2

Chip:Alien H3

Color: black, white, etc. (can also be customized according to customer needs)

Life: recyclable, read and write 100,000 times

Read range:about 2-3m(under 30db fixed reader)


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